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Luxor, Egypt

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Luxor Dining

Given Luxor’s status as a world class resort, it’s understandable that it’s home to outstanding regional as well as international restaurants. Fine dining in Luxor is the rule rather than the exception.

At the forefront in elegance is the Winter Palace Hotel. This landmark of historical proportions has hosted royalty and celebrities alike. Its main restaurant the 1886 serves the finest French cuisine. This unique venue boasts awesome vistas of the Nile. The chateaubriand is not no be missed.

Tip: At the end of the meal ask for red hibiscus Egyptian tea. It’s a real treat.

Located in the same hotel is El Nakheel Restaurant. The food is authentic Egyptian, though it specializes in a lighter fare. The lamb kebabs are absolutely succulent.

The roof top restaurant at the Nile Valley Hotel offers more incredible views of the city. It’s another example of superb dining in Luxor. The Nile Valley serves outstanding international gastronomy with a few Egyptian delicacies. The rice pudding for dessert is a must.

In the heart of the city, visitors can find another jewel for dining in Luxor. The setting is sophisticated and definitely English. The counters are made from teakwood and the chairs are plush and comfortable. Don’t miss the roast beef. The chef prepares a mouthwatering horseradish sauce to accompany the tender meat.

Another favorite among travelers for dining in Luxor is the Piccolo Mondo Ristorante. This Italian venue serves the best home made pastas. The antipasti buffet is a meal in itself. The chef creates eggplant in more than ten styles and utilizes olive oil flown directly from the Tuscan region.

And if you’re in the mood for authentic Indian cuisine, you won’t go wrong with the Bombay Restaurant. This fine establishment offers delectable flavors of curry. The décor is fit for royalty.

For those seeking romance, Le Steak at Le Pacha 1901 is not to be missed. This famous restaurant with its long name is the perfect choice for watching the sunset over the Nile. You’d think steak tops the menu, but the seafood is the specialty of the chef.

The Lantern is very popular for serving large portions at excellent prices. You can order from the British section or from the Egyptian side of the menu. Both will satisfy your taste buds. The curries are fantastic.

Locals love King’s Pub. It’s not to be confused with the stylish King’s Head. And everyone who appreciates a hearty plate of fish and chips says this is the best outside of England.

Felfella is a popular chain in Egypt and a favorite among the locals. Tourists in search for a quick bite and an inexpensive meal frequent this eatery. The large selection of foods includes stuffed pigeon, lamb and kurshari (lentils & macaroni). It’s good value for dining in Luxor.

Tutankhamen near the Luxor Temple is a fun place to dine after a day of sightseeing. The curries prepared with an Egyptian twist are truly delectable.

In Luxor, you’ll always find quality dining.

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