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Luxor, Egypt

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Luxor Shopping

When you shop in Luxor, you’re obtaining things you won’t get anywhere else in the world. Luxor shopping is a one-of a kind experience. Bring something home and impress your friends and family with an ancient artifact.

Markets and Bazaars
If you follow the dusty roads and unpaved streets you’ll come across superb venues for Luxor shopping. In the markets and bazaars around town you’ll find stone carvings, Egyptian style jewelry, carpeting and more. There are markets that concentrate on the sale of spices. Even if you’re not interested in buying any items, take a stroll through the different stalls. It’s quite interesting. You might go home with a few jars of exotic flavors. Don’t miss the barrels filled with spiced and herbal teas. The aroma of Egyptian hibiscus tea is absolutely divine.

King Mina Bazaar is ideal if you want to begin browsing. They won’t hassle you into buying something. But if you decide to engage in a little Luxor shopping, visit the stalls selling decorative glass bottles. The ornate decanter sets make great gifts and are very inexpensive. The vendors in this market carry excellent quality souvenirs.

Tip: This market is a good choice for buying genuine papyrus or jewelry.

San Giovanni Bazaar is another fun place for Luxor shopping. It’s full of stores selling everything from stuffed camels to statues, jewelry boxes and dresses. You won’t find the latest trend in fashion, but you can find unique jewelry. The replicas of ancient Egyptian pieces are well made.

The Oriental Market is big, crowded and filled with knick knacks and treasures. If you look carefully, you might come across an authentic antique. There are a number of vendors selling lovely perfume bottles and fragrances made from regional flora.

Don’t miss a trip to the Fair Trade Center. All products are made throughout Egypt including the Sinai region. This complex is unique in that all profits are donated to the poor. Everything you see in the shops is handmade by Bedouins, villagers, craftsmen and artisans. It’s a way to offer help while enjoying your Luxor shopping experience.

Specialty Shops

If you want to continue with fun Luxor shopping, explore the small shops that line the streets. Visit the alabaster or carpet factories.

Alladdins Hule has gained a reputation for being one of the best venues for purchasing silk rugs in Egypt. They’re hand-made and boast a large selection of patterns and colors.

The Egyptian Art Gallery is another must for Luxor shopping. If you want a unique work of art, browse through the water color section. You’ll find beautiful paintings depicting local scenes. Within the gallery you’ll also find displays of pottery with inscribed sections of the Quoran.

At the Winter Palace, you’ll find a quaint boutique that sells hotel memorabilia. It’s expensive for Luxor shopping, but you won’t find it anywhere else. A popular item includes men’s porcelain cufflinks.

And don’t leave without coffee table books. At Aboudy’s, you’ll find the best books in a selection of languages. Every time you sit by your table you’ll conjure images of your memorable trip.

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