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Madrid, Spain

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Madrid Overview

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, which is a true blend of Mediterranean and European culture, and has become one of the most visited cities in Europe. It’s a great place for art and history lovers and an amazing place to shop and savor some of the best dining in the world where you can soak up some real Spanish atmosphere and charm.

Its origins date back to the year 852 when an Arab Emir Mohamed I ordered construction of a fortress on the side of the river. The fortress was then conquered in the 11th Century by Alonso VI. Under the rule of King Charles III in the 18th Century, Madrid prospered and important arteries of the city were built.

As far as weather, this southern European city is not plagued with the same winter coldness as its more Northerly neighbors, though summers can be somewhat hot. Spring and fall are notorious for warm delightful days, and cool comfortable evenings.
It occasionally snows in winter, but Madrid’s famous cuisine will keep you warm. Savor a typical “cocido madrileno,” a stew that will remind you of mom’s home cooking. Of course one must not leave Madrid without experiencing “tapas hopping.” Make friends as you go from one tapas bar to another, tasting savory small size dishes ranging from cheese to seafood. It is part of the culture in Madrid.
After an evening of tapas, head to the Plaza Mayor, where you will find most of Madrid's locals. Here, you’ll enjoy a glass of Sangria while being serenaded by university students collecting money for their sangria and tapas.

Madrid has one of the best transportation systems in Europe. With one of the largest international airports and an extensive railway system, you can travel between cities with ease. The metro of Madrid is the fastest growing metro network in the world.

No visit to Madrid is complete unless you’ve visited the Royal Palace. This palace is among the biggest in Europe, with 3,000 chambers, 50 of them now open for visitors. This palace was originally surrounded by the small fortress built by Emir Mohamed I, and overlooking the Manzanares River; the Muslims called it Mayrit which meant “source of water”, later became Magerit, and then eventually Madrid.

Madrid is a great place to shop, offering something for all budgets. You will find chic and trendy clothing for men and women as well as specialty boutiques in elegant Castellana Avenue. There, you will find international as well as Spanish designers. You can’t, however, visit Madrid without a trip to El Corte Ingles, one of the largest department stores in the World.

Madrid is known for its festivals which help city people get a closer look at products from different regions of the country. You will find superb olives and olive oil, cheeses, honey, and packaged fish. Visit a Madrid wine shop to delight yourself in some of the best wines around the world.

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