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Madrid, Spain

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Madrid Shopping

Like most European big cities, Madrid shopping offers a chance to promenade and enjoy the outdoors. You’ll surely amaze your friends with all the curiosities you discover in the flea markets and typical Spanish shops.

Great Buys
Normally, leather goods are not necessarily great buys, but in Madrid, you will find everything from stylish belts and handbags, to fine jackets and shoes at fabulous shops like Loewe in Gran Via or Farrutx in Serrano Street, all at reasonable prices. You can even get second hand bargains at Sunday’s Rastro flea market. This is a fun way to engage in Madrid shopping without breaking the bank.

If you want to bring home a piece of Spain, why not purchase some home made, Spanish ceramics. You may even want to have a few ceramic hand-painted tiles shipped home for that new kitchen, a reminder of your Madrid shopping.

Eccentric or Eclectic
However you wish to describe your purchase, at Plaza Mayor you’ll find authentic Spanish capes, bullfighting outfits, and Spanish Senorita dresses. These are great souvenirs with which to remember Madrid shopping. However, if you wish to purchase the cape as a collectible item, head to Capas Sesena for the best selection.

The Spanish pride themselves as cultured and learned. This is evidenced by the millions of books sold every year during the annual book fairs. You will not believe how inexpensive most of the books are and the vast selection. You might even find pre-owned first editions, a great addition to anyone’s library.

A Spanish Staple

No Spanish city would be complete without the huge Department Store El Corte Ingles. You may consider this amazing store not just another example of great Madrid shopping, but a great attraction. You’ll find everything from house wares, clothing, furnishings, toys and cosmetics to an amazing supermarket with everything you could possibly imagine from every region of Spain. You could spend the afternoon alone learning about the different types of Iberian hams. Some even cost more than the finest champagne in the market.

Though these gigantic supermarkets are great fun, do not miss the small festivals around the city, where people from the provinces bring their home grown products to sell; you’ll find scrumptious olives and olive oils, cheese, honey, packaged fish and more. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience in Madrid shopping.

For beautiful men’s and women’s fashion, La Castellana Avenue is hostess to some of the top Spanish designers, which are a bit less expensive, without sacrificing quality or style. Do not miss Pedro Del Hierro or Purificacion Garcia, two favorites of Madrid shopping.

However, if your budget does not allow for designers, head out to the shops near Puerta Del Sol or along Gran Via. You will find trendy chic clothing at excellent prices. You won’t believe the discounts.

Do not leave without visiting a Lladro porcelain store, a truly great Madrid shopping experience. Whether you buy or just brouse, you will enjoy it for its art.

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