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Male, Maldives

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Male Dining

Resorts in Maldives offer an array of different cuisine including Middle Eastern, Indian, Oriental and continental. However, among the favorites, Maldivian still reigns, consisting of sweet, sour, hot and spicy flavors. Cafes, also known as hotaas are the best form for dining in Maldives as restaurants are usually more expensive and only found in resort hotels.

Dining in Maldives is an exciting and wonderful experience. Traditional Maldivian dishes consist of specialties like hot and spicy smoked fish, prepared in coconut, lime juice, onions and chilies. A pastry filled with fish is also very popular as are fish cakes, fish rolls, fish balls and small pancakes stuffed with fish. Sweets are made from flour, sugar and essence as well as coconut sugar and flour combinations. Black tea is a traditional drink with which to end a meal. Alcohol is not part of dining in Maldives, as the islands are mostly Islamic, but it’s usually served at the resort hotels. Curries are also used in Maldivian cooking and more recently products like yams, custards and fruits were introduced to more modern cooking.

Elegant and Unique

One of the most amazing restaurants for dining in Maldives is Ithaa, located at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa in the island of Rangali. The restaurant is an aquarium like dining room nestled 16 feet below the Indian Ocean, in a multi-colored reef. You can dine in the company of rays and sharks as well as beautiful schools of colorful fish. The food is as fantastic as the scenery. Specialties of the chef include chile-pickled lobster which is cooked in a rich tomato jelly, with oil-drizzled tuna tartar and pineapple along with candied ginger chocolate fondue.

The Symphony Maldives, another gem for dining in Maldives, offers amazing food in an incredible setting. Located in Male, Maldives’s capital, it serves delicious food like seer fish fingers with spiced creamed potatoes. Though set in an elegant ambience, it’s not too expensive as others of the same quality.

Other fabulous places for dining in Maldives include the Olive Tree, located in Kanuhura, the island with the largest swimming pool. Waiters cross a bridge bringing you amazing dishes boasting Maldivian and Indian flavors.

Tapasake, in the North Male, is the most renowned in Maldives, offering European sophistication in décor and cuisine. It’s a bit pricier than most, though well worth it.

Restaurants that offer great food at reasonable prices include Baan Huraa, more in the style of a café, serves great Thai specialties like wok fried calamari and coconut milk scallops.

Soneva Gili, another great moderately priced restaurant, offers café style ambience with fabulous Maldivian dishes.

Tip: Though some of the restaurants may be elegant, the islands encourage a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Jackets for gentlemen may be required at some of the more upscale resorts, but not as a norm.

Another great idea is to purchase some of the great delicacies found in small grocery stores and enjoy a picnic in the most picturesque destination in the world.

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