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Male, Maldives

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Male Shopping

Maldives shopping can be an exciting adventure. This tropical paradise has some of the best imports for every taste, from electronics to perfumes. You’ll find colorful and soft textiles like silks from Singapore, colorful garments from Thailand, Indonesia and Dubai. Maldives shopping is a great treat; you’ll delight in the islands’ beautiful crafts especially the lacquer works, the woven mats made from dried coconut leaves and reeds, the wooden fish, and the popular dhoanis, (models of local vessels), made of wood and oyster shells. The workmanship is truly amazing.

Markets offer great Maldives shopping opportunities. The one in the northern waterfront near the Male fish market offers an incredible array of beautiful crafts as well as beautiful things from the atolls. You’ll also find refreshing fruits and sweets, specialties to create perhaps a romantic picnic on one the magnificent sandy beaches. Some of the produce you’ll see in the markets is brought from the atolls, always fresh.

A trip to the fish market is not a bad idea if you have time in between sun bathing and Maldives shopping. The exchange between the locals and the fishermen bringing in their fresh catch is quite delightful.

Maldives Shopping Hubs

One would not call these great places shopping malls in the traditional sense, but they are amazing shopping centers, as they boast a large array of fabulous shops and make for some great Maldives shopping. The Majeedhee Magu is one of the best known in Male. This is the place to find beautiful clothing, perfumes; jewelry created by local artists or imported pieces from nearby countries. You’ll also find shops with a vast selection of handbags as well as time pieces and clocks.

Chaanhanee Magu is yet another superb place for Maldives shopping, where you can find the most amazing souvenirs. There are stalls stocked with every possible Maldives craft, assuring visitors they’ll find something to bring home. The most popular stalls display the “thudukuna” the traditional Maldives mat, woven by Maldivian women as taught to them by prior generations. You’ll also find beautiful wooden miniatures. The prices are quite reasonable and the souvenirs, unique. Visitors come to this shopping area to find imported items from Singapore, especially the silk ware.

Orchid Magu, Faamudheyri Magu and Faredhee Magu are also great shopping hubs for the best in Maldives shopping. You will not be disappointed.

Outlets and Boutiques
Though there are no large shopping centers in Maldives, another great benefit of Maldives shopping is duty-free purchasing. At the Islanders Maldives and Le Cute you can find everything you could possibly dream, all without paying duty tax. These boutiques and fabulous shops are centered in the Male International Airport; you’ll find designer names, leather goods, beautiful cotton garments, silk wear, jackets, and popular designer boutiques like Givenchy, Elle and other of the favorites.

You’ll also find fabulous small boutiques and gif shops on most resorts, boasting beautiful Maldives crafts and specialty imports. Though the prices may be higher at these resorts, many unusual works displayed are worth the splurge.

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