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Mallorca, Spain

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Mallorca Dining

The Island of Mallorca has over 2,500 restaurants. You’ll find a good choice of international as well as traditional Mallorcan cuisine. Beautiful sunny days and romantic sunsets will make dining in Mallorca a unique experience for you and your companion.

Mallorcan gastronomy includes fabulous dishes made with pork, fish and local produce. There are elegant and expensive restaurants as well as reasonably priced eateries from where to watch the breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean.

Abaco is among the top romantic and fabulous places for dining in Mallorca. Tables are set up in a quaint courtyard surrounded by green gardens and large flower baskets. Some of the specialties include grilled steaks and fresh seafood.

For one of the finest places for dining in Mallorca, don’t miss Cala Vista, located in the Cala d’Or Yacht Club. It’s also considered one of the finest restaurants in the Mediterranean. The chef prepares dishes with unique ingredients. Among his specialties are the tender ostrich filet and white veal, with special risotto. The wine list promotes Mallorca wines, which are not world renowned yet, however, boast great body and flavor.

If you’d like to have a romantic dinner with a different type of cuisine, there’s Ritzi. It’s elegant and sophisticated with a great location at the Puerto Portal Yachting Harbor. Its cuisine reflects Italian influences. Specialties include breast of quail prepared with a delicate celery mousse. The grilled sea bass is something to write home about. Don’t miss the nice selection of desserts.

A popular place for great cuisine is Bens d’Avall. It serves great Mediterranean food in a beautiful setting between Soller and Deia. The specialty of the house is lamb brought from the Sierra de Tramuntana.

Tip: The desserts are impressive. Don’t miss the white chocolate mousse. It’s topped with red seasonal berries. The chocolate cakes are also fantastic especially when topped with cinnamon sorbet.

If you’re in the mood for great steak, you won’t go wrong with Petit Grill. It’s located in Palma, and serves juicy tender beef as well as vegetarian dishes.

Bruselas is an Argentinean restaurant and another superb place for beef. All the meat is imported from Argentina, and as you might know, Argentinean churrascadas (array of grilled meats) are among the best in the world.

Azul Playa in Palma, with its distinct blue color, offers a great choice for dining without paying high prices. The paellas are among the best in the island. Enjoy them with Sangria.

And if you’d like to know what Indian food is like on the island of Mallorca, try Baisakhi, an authentic Indian restaurant serving the best curries.

However, don’t leave Mallorca without dining at Anima Sea Lounge. It’s a trendy place with creative foods like salmon filled crepes, sashimi and home made pastas.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, dining in Mallorca will always leave you satisfied.

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