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Mallorca, Spain

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Mallorca Overview

Mallorca has been known as the vacation destination of the rich and famous for some time now. However, because of its warm delightful summers it has become one of the most visited islands in the Mediterranean and is accessible to everyone. Mallorca is not only the second largest island of Spain; it’s a great vacation haven. It’s no wonder that the Spanish Royal Family always spend their summers in Mallorca.

Mallorca is home to over 2,500 restaurants of international and Mallorcan cuisine. Typical Mallorca food does not include seafood despite its location. That is not to say you won’t find amazing seafood restaurants. Most of the fish is brought in from other Balearic Islands. Traditional dishes include ratatouille, a stew made from eggplant and several other vegetables and pork wrapped in cabbage as well as roast pig. Sangria is the most popular drink; it’s made with wine, cognac and fruit juices. Paella, though not traditionally Mallorcan, is a staple of Spanish cuisine and you’ll find it at most Mallorca restaurants. The island’s version is made with saffron seasoned rice, chicken, sausage, and vegetables.

Palma is the capital of Mallorca, though not the only visited city. Several other areas stand out for their special attributes and attractions. Cala d’Or is the site of a yearly jazz festival and a fabulous resort on the eastern part of Mallorca. If you’d like to visit an area boasting beautiful scenery, Soller is a great destination. However, if you’re traveling with your family, Puerto Pollenca would be a great choice as several resorts offer activities for children. Mallorca’s leather and pearl industries are world renowned. A tour to Manacor and Inca will allow you opportunities to shop at the local factories and outlets that sell these fine products. A popular region of the island is Valldemossa, a beautiful village in the area of the Tramuntana Mountains. It really is a must see. The area boasts the best olive production in Spain. It’s said that Chopin and George Sand spent a summer here.

Mallorca offers many attractions other than visiting great destinations within the island. If you’re a nature lover, there are dozens of fabulous hiking trails, places to go cycling and bird watching. Mallorca has beautiful beaches and the most romantic sunsets.

Mallorca is also home to great Arab baths, galleries, cathedrals and museums. Several of these landmarks are remnants of the times of Moorish domination.

Natural parks are among Mallorca’s special attractions and are beautiful places for jogging or enjoying a walk. And if you’re looking for excitement, Mallorca has a large number of water parks. They’re great attractions and fun places to enjoy the warm summer days.

No visit to Mallorca would be complete without visiting the fabulous shops throughout the island. You’ll find fabulous leathers, pearls, olive wood and unique gems.

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