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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Melbourne Attractions

In Melbourne, you’ll never run out of things to see or do. After all, Melbourne is known as the city of culture, sports, shopping and fine dining. Melbourne is also a city that loves and respects nature; you’ll see this reflected in the number of parks and conservation sanctuaries.

Museums and the Arts
The museums of Melbourne have dedicated their displays to the people of this great city as well as to important events. One of the most important Melbourne attractions is the Immigration Museum, which relates story after story of the people who migrated to Victoria since the 1800s until present. Other important Melbourne attractions to learn about the city’s history are the Fire Fighting and Maritime Museums.

A very impressive icon of Melbourne attractions is the Victorian Arts Center. It’s an important landmark and testimony to Melbourne’s serious dedication to culture. It’s home to the Australian Opera and Ballet as well as the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. It also houses a large concert hall, an arts complex and the National Gallery of Victoria. The National Gallery of Victoria displays the largest collection of works by local and Australian artists.

Tip: At night, the Victorian Art Center’s spire is set on fire with the aid of fiber-optics cables. The one hour show is spectacular.

Melbourne attractions include important landmarks. One of the most recognized is the ICI building. This was the first structure to surpass the 132 foot height limit.

These days, the tallest building is the Rialto Towers Office Building. It’s the tallest in the southern Hemisphere. A famous Melbourne attraction is the building’s 55th floor observation deck which offers the best views of the city. A clear day will allow you views all the way to Dandenong Ranges as well as Port Phillip Bay.

Other Melbourne attractions include landmarks with interesting architectural styles. The Scot’s Church, for example, is the finest Gothic church; it was built in 1873. Another prime architectural icon is the St. Michael’s Uniting Church, constructed in a different but elaborate Romanesque style. It was built in 1866.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, built in 1892 for worshippers of the Anglican faith, is an important part of Melbourne’s history and Melbourne attractions. Outside the church you can appreciate the statue of Matthew Flinders, the first person to navigate around the coast of Australia. The church boasts a magnificent Gothic architectural style.

The Flinders Street Station is an equivalent to New York’s famous Central Station. It’s important for the fact that it was designed by the winner of a competition that took place in 1899.

Melbourne attractions include great venues to learn and appreciate the flora and fauna of Victoria. Different parks and gardens offer serene relaxation away from the bustle of the city. Queen Victoria Gardens is the largest and everyone’s favorite. Here you’ll see a floral clock made from 7,000 plants.

Melbourne is a great city to visit. It lives up to the words of the famous journalist who called it “marvelous Melbourne.”
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