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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Melbourne Shopping

If you’re looking for Australia’s shopping capital, you’ve found it. Melbourne is an amazing shopping destination. Its gigantic shopping malls with great department stores offer incredible opportunities to find everything you could possible dream of and at fabulous prices.
But if you’re looking for real bargains, Melbourne shopping offers an array of open air markets and bazaars that will satisfy your taste as well as your budget.

Shopping Malls
Among the largest of these malls is the Galleria, home to David Jones & Myer Department Store. You can enjoy great Melbourne shopping and purchase items related to any hobby, electronics, clothing or jewelry. Visit an Australian jeweler and observe how they polish opals; see the vast display of rare cut diamonds in various shades of rose and champagne.

If you’d like to see an impressive landmark and continue to shop, visit the Royal Arcade –it’s the oldest Melbourne shopping spot. It’s an elegant venue, offering fashion and accessories boutiques. A visit to this center is worth your while; you’ll see the famous statues of the mythical monsters that move time, on Gaunt’s clock. At the end of the centre, you’ll find a veranda from the same architectural period. This veranda was said to be part of the city’s entrance at one time.

Visit the Block Arcade, another great retail giant and a fine example of Melbourne shopping boasting beauty and fabulous architecture. You’ll enjoy the large murals and decorative mosaic floors. Its style resembles that of arcades in Paris and Milan.

Another impressive mall includes Bourke Street Mall; it’s a great place to shop while being entertained by street performers.


Open air markets are another way to enjoy Melbourne shopping. The Sunday’s Market at the Arts Centre is particularly special for the number of artisans that display their works. This is a great place to purchase fine leatherwear as well as pelts from exotic animals. These pelts are made from kangaroo, crocodile, barramundi and sea snakes. The market offers more than 150 stalls with the best of Australia’s artisans. Terracotta and clay pottery are traditional crafts and make great souvenirs.

And the best of all markets is Queen Victoria Market. You’ll have more than one thousand stalls to shop from. It’s said to be the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. You’ll find fabulous clothing, accessories, electronics, and great souvenirs, all at bargain prices.

As you tour the city, you’ll also come across modernized markets of what used to be old bazaars. They’re located in the center of the city and are great places for finding traditional souvenirs and jewelry. Opals and rare diamonds are among the most sought out gems. It’s a great place for Melbourne shopping.

A trip to Chinatown is also a must. It’s a unique Melbourne shopping experience. You can shop for Chinese herbs and medicines, music, gold and jewelry. And for other ethnic shopping, try Greek-town, where you’ll find interesting pottery and jewelry from Greece.

Melbourne shopping truly offers an immense array of choices.

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