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Mexico City, Mexico

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Mexico City Attractions

Mexico City not only offers the finest attractions.  It boasts a nice selection of fun venues for family fun.  Among the most visited is Six Flags Park comprised of first class rides.    

The Museum of National Anthropology is a great place to start your tour.  It houses the most impressive collection amassed over decades.  It’s also said to be among the finest in the world.  Exhibits relate the history of Mexico’s inhabitants prior to Spain’s conquest.  Among the most famous of these indigenous Mexico City attractions is the Aztec Sun stone. 

Tourists always enjoy the Museo Templo Mayor (Main Temple Museum).  It showcases 3,000 artifacts discovered on this site and other digs throughout the country.  The most important find is the disc weighing eight tons showing the face of the moon goddess.  If you’re a history or archaeology buff, you’ll enjoy the bilingual lectures.

And if art is more your forte, the Rufino Tamayo Museum will certainly be of interest to you.  Its galleries show astounding paintings by world renowned artists like Picasso, Miro and Matisse.  There’s a beautiful selection of murals painted by Mexican talent.  It’s a must see of Mexico City attractions. 

You won’t want to miss the National Museum of history.  It’s located in the old Chapultepec Castle, one of the finest architectural and historical Mexico City attractions.  This was the former home of Emperor Maximilian and sits atop a hill bearing the same name.  At over 7,600 feet above sea level, it’s a most impressive venue.  It was also once a military academy, a Presidential home and an observatory.  Its elegant staircase anchored on each side by marble lion statues takes you up to the galleries.  Visitors can view opulent furnishings, a royal carriage, exquisite murals and unique objects. 

Another not to be missed Mexico City attraction is the Museum of the National Palace.  What’s so amazing about this place is that it was built from the ruins of an ancient Aztec temple.  Furthermore, it was constructed on the site of the former Palace of Moctezuma.  Today it’s the office of the President and the Secretary of Finances.  The murals displayed were painted by Diego Rivera depicting the history of Mexico. 

Among the city’s architectural masterpieces is the Palace Museum of Beautiful Arts.  It’s home to Mexico’s opera and ballet companies.  Its most attractive feature is the Tiffany glass curtain. 

Churches and Cathedrals
The Basilica of Santa Maria de Guadalupe is not your average church.  It’s the site where Mexicans come to pray to the Nation’s patron saint.  Historians also say that it’s here where the Indians came to understand and adopt Catholic beliefs.  And some even say it’s the site where miracles have been known to take place.  It’s one of the most visited Mexico City attractions. 

And don’t leave without seeing the Metropolitan Cathedral.  It’s the oldest in the Hemisphere and the seat of the Catholic Church.  It was constructed on an Aztec sacred site and completed between 1573 and 1813. 

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