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Mexico City, Mexico

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Mexico City Overview

Mexico City is not your average metropolis.  It’s a place vibrating with energy including an outstanding nightlife, more theaters than any city in Latin America, a wealth of archaeological sites and many historic spots everywhere you look.  It’s also a Mecca of culture with as many museums and galleries as any European capital, and more than thirty concert halls.  It offers world-class shopping and restaurants for every budget.  Mexico City is a great place for anyone who loves to travel and explore.     

The list of activities and attractions you’ll find in this city is simply staggering.  From the moment you arrive you’ll be exposed to remnants of the old co-existing with the new.  While touring you’ll come across fine examples of Mexico City’s landmarks and icons spread throughout.  Among them, visitors can see the world recognized Angel of Independence.  This impressive golden statue sits atop the Victory Column on Paseo de la Reforma Avenue.  The street itself is a replica of the Champs-Elysees in Paris.  The angel was placed there to celebrate 100 years commemorating the start of the War of Independence.  Continuing further is the Zocalo or Constitution Square.  It’s the biggest square anywhere in the world and features the oldest cathedral in the continent as well as the National Palace.  And you’ll note that Mexico City has more than twelve archaeological digs within the city itself.  Many important discoveries have been made in the last few years.  Today, historians and scientists continue their work exploring and finding more of the past.  Many of these treasures have existed for centuries and date back to the time of the Aztecs. 

Mexico City sits on a high plateau allowing for a temperate climate year round.  Summers and winters are always comfortable and mild.  Evenings however are usually cool.  There’s no need to bring a heavy coat.  A jacket is normally sufficient to wear during the late hours.   

Locals love soccer (or football as they call it in Mexico).  You can count on a game on most weekends.  But if you’re not into soccer, there are also an array of other sports events including baseball and boxing. 

Mexico City boasts the best cultural scene in Latin America and an even more amazing nightlife.  The evening ends when you’re ready to quit as everything remains open until all hours of the morning.  There’s everything from Mariachi clubs to romantic nightclubs and from opera to ballet. 

Mexico City is the capital of the country and was once the capital of the wealthiest Spanish Empire.  It was also the center of an advanced pre-Hispanic civilization.  It’s no wonder that it remains one of the most impressive centers of culture around the globe. 

When it comes to dining, not every venue is elegant or expensive.  There are sidewalk cafes, neighborhood eateries and family-style bistros at very affordable prices.  And the same can be said of the splendid shopping opportunities.  The city is a shopper’s paradise with something to please everyone. 

Mexico City’s attractions beckon to be discovered. 


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