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Miami, Florida, USA

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Miami Dining

Most of the cuisine doesn't fit into the strict confines of the South Beach diet, but one can hardly feel guilty for indulging in the decadent offerings when here on vacation. Plus, with the party-like atmosphere of most new restaurants in the hip South Beach, the Miami area is so inviting that it's hard to resist joining the crowd.

Unpretentious Local Flair

Nestled in a residential neighborhood of South Beach, Sardinia offers a great Italian meal that won't break the bank. Here, you'll dine among locals in a spot where the focus is more on the menu than the décor. But don't let that fool you, as the result is some of the finest traditional cooking in the area.

Worth Every Penny

Looking for the perfect steak? Prime 112 has your meal. Choose from filet mignon, bone-in rib eye or porterhouse, all of which are cooked to perfection. This modern steakhouse is not for the light spenders, but for those with a love of red meat, it's worth the cash. Tip: At such a hip locale, reservations are almost necessary to get a chance to sit at a table. You might consider making them before you even arrive in Miami to be on the safe side.

Cuban Flair

In a city with as much Latin and Cuban influence as Miami, it would be a shame to leave without enjoying authentic Cuban cuisine. Why not eat in style while you're at it? Try Ola run by chef Horacio Rivadero. Dishes are created to be a fusion of Latin, Spanish and Caribbean flavors.

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