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Milan, Italy

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Milan Dining

The gastronomy of Milan is uncomplicated and traditional.  It features pastas, risottos and hearty dishes like “cotoletta alla Milanese” (breaded veal fried in butter) and cassoeula (stewed pork with Savoy cabbage).  Tourists will also find a wealth of international restaurants to choose from, along with the authentic Milan trattorias. 

For a unique experience while dining in Milan, you’ll want to try Atmosfera.  It’s really an old Carrelli tram on wheels and apart from a truly elegant ambience you’ll find that the food is superb.  It’s ideal for a celebration or a romantic evening with that special someone.  The menu offers real Italian style eating.  You begin with an antipasto and followed by a pasta or risotto dish.  You then continue with the main entrée consisting of fish or meat and finalize by having cheese, fruit or dessert. 

Il Teatro in the Four Seasons Hotel is another excellent choice for dining in Milan.  The chef features a gourmet cuisine that changes every day.  The décor is impressively opulent using rich burgundy and gold tones.  Among the signature specialties is the turbot served with porcini mushrooms, the roast sea bass or the beef stewed in red wine. 

Tip:  You won’t want to miss dessert.  Everything here is a masterpiece of culinary creation.  Try the rhubarb, ricotta cheese and mint soufflé or the tiramisu topped with Bailey’s jelly and specially scented lady fingers.  

And sitting near the fabulous designer streets is Bice.  This has been an institution for fine dining in Milan.  Now it’s one of the most frequented spots by visitors and locals alike.  It boasts an elegant and inviting dining-room with rich woods and brass décor throughout.  The menu focuses on Milanese risottos, divine soups and excellent beef courses. 

It’s said that Il Luogo di Aime serves the best spaghetti with tomatoes and onions.  And when you see the crowds that fill this establishment night after night you’ll realize they’re right.  It’s been around for more than 25 years and with a simple and clean décor, it gives visitors a fabulous dining in Milan experience. 

And if you’re traveling on a budget or wanting to save the extra Euros for a day of shopping, don’t miss Viapre.  It’s one of the trendiest trattorias featuring a casual yet contemporary interior with pictures of boats throughout the walls.  The Ligurian style fare allows visitors to sample some of the best seafood in town. 

But if you’re looking for traditional Milanese food at a good value for dining in Milan, al Basilico Fresco is ideal.  They have everything from home-style cooking to unique pizzas made from soy flour.  

Tourists also enjoy an evening at Antica Osteria del Ponte.  This prestigious trattoria is run by the same family who has owned it for the past 20 years.  And the food is as good as it has always been.  It’s somewhat more elegant but reasonably priced.  The pastas and risottos are made fresh daily and you’ll want to peak at the amazing wine list. 


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