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Monterey, California, USA

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Monterey Attractions

Even though it’s considered a small city, Monterey competes with the biggest and best when it comes to its attractions. A complete list of Monterey attractions would take pages and pages to enumerate, so we’ve short-listed those must-see Monterey attractions.

Tranquil ocean front area
When you arrive into this distinctively quaint city, why not take a cruise around the town? Be prepared to slow down in certain places, as Monterey has its own tempo. You might want to start with a slow putter around the truly spectacular Asilomar, a tranquil ocean front beach area sporting white sandy beaches, crisp ocean breezes, abutted by green forests. Chances are you'll see deer foraging nearby.

It’s the ultimate aquarium

Situated at the end of Cannery Row, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must-see in terms of Monterey attractions. At any one time, there are almost 200 award winning galleries and exhibits located within the doors of this amazing aquarium. It is a worldwide recognized and honored institute that offers something for all family members. And for you Star Trek fans out there, you may recognize Monterey Bay Aquarium because it was featured in the movie “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.”

Cannery Row

One of the top Monterey attractions is the unforgettable Cannery Row, the historic waterfront district made famous by John Steinbeck's 1945 novel of the same name. Its chock full of restaurants, hotels shops, theatres and remnants of it's canning business offer a true flavor or what Monterey once was when the sardine business ruled in Monterey Bay. In terms of Monterey attractions and getting to the true essence of the city, this is one place you just can't go back home and say you didn't visit.

Golf, golf, and more golf!
If golf is your game, then you’ll be in heaven in this Pacific Coast playground. It's easy to see why in 2000 Golf Digest voted Monterey County the “#1 Golfing Destination Worldwide!” The city’s top golf course is perhaps the most famous golf course in the world and one of the top Monterey attractions: Pebble Beach Golf Course.

Tip: If you don't like playing in strong winds (and it's usually windy along the coast) then why not make your way inland and check out the Bayonette and Black Horse Golf Courses in Seaside? Originally built by the Army for use by it's military who were stationed at Fort Ord, it is now a world-class golfing experience open to the public.

A Zen Buddhist retreat

Don’t miss the truly extraordinary Zen Buddhist retreat of Tassajara Hot Springs. In terms of Monterey attractions or any other, it's in a class by itself. Closed from September to April due to the precarious nature of the dirt road leading to the springs, only the strong of heart and sure of hand should attempt the drive into this fabled spot the rest of the year. It's a ride you won't forget. While there, experience their tantalizing natural hot springs, a naturally shaped water slide and cold swimming holes. Reservations required.
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