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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Montreal Shopping

The Canadian Guild of Crafts sells artwork from a varied collection of Canadian art. It was founded in 1906 in an effort to promote the preservation of Inuit art, so there is rich history behind this great shopping location. With sculptures, paintings and a variety of works of art, this is the perfect place to stop if you are shopping for North American tribal décor for your home,
Complexe Desjardins is a beautiful, outdoor shopping mall with over 100 restaurants and shops. The stores surround a major public square, where a variety of events are held year-round. In addition to restaurants, there is a 1,000-seat food court for guests to enjoy the beautiful Montreal weather, as well as a fitness center, fashion boutiques and even a grocery store. The variety of shopping here brings out locals as well as tourists, so you travel like a tourist, yet still get a taste of the culture of Montreal residents and where they shop and eat.
Marché Bonsecours is essentially a grand market for talented artisans to show off their work (and even a place where they can make crafts). Visitors can shop and buy pieces of art, or just come to watch craftsmen at work. Guests can eat home-grown foods at one of the several restaurants, or walk around and visit the different boutiques and galleries and learn about the artistic culture of Montreal. Whether its clothing, jewelry, arts and crafts, furniture or fine dining that you’re looking for, Marché Bonsecours is where you want to be. It’s even the home to Quebec’s Crafts Council.
The Jean-Talon Market is one of Montreal’s best food markets, having been around since 1933. What makes this a truly great place is its dominance by locals, rather than tourists looking fro a souvenir. Not only will this give you a chance to see the real culture of Montreal, but it will provide you with better deals on food and merchandise and even higher quality products. You can even skip lunch on your way to the market; taste-testing in a major draw of the Jean-Talon Market. Mingle with the locals, pick up some quality food ingredients and leave full.
Noël Éternel will give you the chance to reminisce about past Christmas memories, as well as prepare for future ones. This year-round Christmas store will offer you the most magnificent selection of ornaments and decorations for your home, with many of the decorations being made from all around the world. The store itself is a mystical experience, being that it’s draped in intricate décor of its own. Be sure to check out this store if you are looking to set your home or your tree apart from the rest around the holiday.

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