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Moscow, Russian Federation

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Moscow Overview

Moscow is a picturesque city, known for its magnificent architecture and its passion for the arts. The vast number of museums, theaters and concert halls are testimony to this fact. Its spectacular architecture is reflected in attractions that include breathtaking monuments and cathedrals. Dining in Moscow can be an incredible experience as well, as the majority of popular restaurants are housed in old monasteries and palaces; even the large shopping centers are built with tasteful style. Moscow is also an ideal place to visit for art and history lovers, as well as an incredible place to shop.

The Moscow landscape was once dominated by orthodox churches and while a few historical icons still dominate the Moscow landscape, tall towers and buildings are becoming part of the scenery.

A great time to visit Moscow is during the summer, when days are warm and evenings are pleasant. Though winters can be long and cold, there is little rain, making the snow a beautiful part of the city’s attractions.

Moscow, named after the river it sits on, is the largest city of Russia and the capital of the former Soviet Union. In 1991 it became the capital of Russia after the Soviet Union was dissolved. History is all around, reflected in important icons. An important attraction and example of architectural wonder in Moscow is the Seven Sisters, a collection of seven towers that can be seen from any elevation in Moscow. Another important attraction in Moscow is the Kremlin, at the center of the city, a true symbol of Russia. The Kremlin has witnessed important and tragic periods in Russian history. It’s considered the biggest museum in the world, displaying treasures of the czars, invaluable icons and State regalia of Russia.

Outside of being a beautiful city, Moscow is home to over 50 interesting museums like the Cosmonauts’ museum, which traces the history of the Russian space program. Moscow is also site to historical museums where visitors can learn about the city and the country. Being a rich cultural city, Moscow is home to amazing collections of art, and a perfect place to experience such fine masterpieces, is the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts where some of the largest collections in the world are displayed.

Restaurants in Moscow can also provide visitors with valuable history lessons. Many of them are housed in magnificent surroundings and are conveniently located close to most hotels and attractions; some even offer recipes dating back to the 17th century. Russian cuisine offers a great variety of seafood caught in local rivers, as well as multiple selections of meat from bear, lynx, and other exotic animals. Moscow also offers great international cuisine at affordable prices and if you’re looking for real home-style Moscow cooking you will find many options around town as well.

Before you leave Moscow, make sure you visit a few of the shops offering specialty souvenirs. However, after visiting Moscow, you’ll be taking home a lot more than just souvenirs; you’ll take with you the most unforgettable vacation experience of your life.

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