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Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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Nashville Dining

Nashville offers a wide array of choices when it comes to food. It’s known for being a big red meat city, with plenty of steak and barbeque to go around. The city also features international cuisine, seafood and high-class, modern restaurants as well. Whatever your taste, you’ll find something that suits you.

Authentic Nashville cuisine
When considering dining in Nashville, why not start with a place that serves up what is indigenous to the area? There’s no better place for a real Nashville dining experience than Cock of the Walk, where you can enjoy U.S. farm-raised catfish (or “katfish” as the sign reads) in what is self-billed as “Nashville's most unique restaurant”. Located at 2624 Music Valley Drive, they promise a double dose of great Southern food and gracious Southern hospitality. Don’t plan to leave there hungry, as the portions are huge.

Tip: All their food is cooked with peanut oil, and their modestly priced menu includes favorites such as steak, shrimp, broiled chicken, fried onion rings and delicious strawberry short cake and carrot cake for dessert. They've even got group rates for parties and special events.

Dining and theatre, all wrapped up in one!
If you've interested in blending dining in Nashville with Nashville music (a highly recommended option for those new to the city), then you might want to check out the Nashville Nightlife Dinner Theatre. This restaurant-theatre combo promises a unique dining in Nashville experience offering excellent food with country music shows. They feature “The Best Of Country Music Show” that promises you a “celebration of both country music from past and present.” And after every show there is a “meet and greet” with the performers, all while offering up classically renowned local dishes such as Southern Fried and BBQ chicken. It’s your chance to mingle with the musicians over a down-home meal.

New Orleans Creole Cuisine
Chappy's Restaurant, which specializes in “New Orleans Creole Cuisine,” serving mouth-watering veal, duck, fish, shellfish steaks and oysters. Advertised as having plenty of old world charm, this Creole restaurant is an example of how dining in Nashville can hit the spot for any meal of the day from morning to night. It offers champagne brunches, luncheons, fresh-fish catch of the day, and daily specials, all in a unique décor. The indoor Parisian street lamps create a very charming dining ambiance. You are even invited to meet the chef as Chappy demonstrates his cooking techniques. Chappy offers diners the chance to come enjoy an afternoon of cooking and to leave with a set of homemade recipes, a chef's hat and a “Chappy Cum Laude” certificate. Please note you may need to call the restaurant first to find out times for upcoming events.

Informal dining at its best
At Monell's, table service is communal and very informal. If you like sitting besides new folks and meeting interesting people, then be ready for a social meal. All the dishes are literally passed around the table, just like at home. As soon as there’s an empty bowl, Monell's excellent staff will have it replenished in no time. Each day's menu includes “2-3 meat dishes, 3-4 salads, 4-5 hot vegetables, and drinks and deserts.” You can even bring your own wine and beer if you like. Food choices range from grilled swordfish and roasted whole boneless turkey to southern fare such as BBQ chicken, roasted pork and cajun style catfish. So if you're looking for something interesting to add to your dining in Nashville experience, why not give Monell's a try?

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