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New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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New Orleans Shopping

Aside from great music, excellent cuisine and amazing sightseeing, New Orleans also ranks tops for shopping. In New Orleans, you'll find all sorts of treasures tucked away in antique shops, collectors' stalls and large markets.


When it comes to antiques, New Orleans shopping reigns supreme with a plethora of shops selling treasures and collections from centuries past. You might want to begin your search at the Bon Marche. This antique mall showcases a large number of vendors with a wide range of merchandise. Bring patience, your wallet and comfortable shoes, and you'll have a great time.

Another venue for unique items is Antiques de Provence. This nationally renowned establishment stocks quality 17th and 18th century antiques from France. Among these, you can find hand carvings, fountains made of limestone, mirrors and decorative home pieces.

If you're looking for larger items, Bush Antiques & Interior is the place to go. Its selection of beds and tables is astounding. You'll also want to make time to browse through the galleries of art deco and mid-century lighting, mirrors and art. Don't be afraid to move the dusty textiles that cover unusual religious artifacts and accessories.

For Art Lovers

Among the jewels of New Orleans shopping is the James Michalopoulos Gallery. This world-famous artist has exhibited his works in France, England, Germany and New York to name but a few. His masterpieces are mainly oil paintings, but the gallery also displays architectural landmark prints.

If you're looking for a beautiful coffee table art book, head to Beckham's Bookshop. It's been around for more than 45 years and carries 50-60 thousand rare, second-hand books. It also stocks a large collection of classical CDs and LPs.

Major Shopping

When visiting New Orleans, the French Market is a must-see shopping spot. It's the oldest in the country with an interesting history. It once served as the trading center for the Choctaw Indians. Today, tourists can enjoy five blocks of great shopping with specialty boutiques, a huge flea market and the famed Café Du Monde.

Another must for New Orleans shopping is Magazine Street, known as "the street of dreams." Its array of upscale venues, antique shops, jewelry boutiques, galleries and trendy cafes are well deserving of the nickname. It's a favorite of New Orleans socialites to find European labels and top American designers.

Specialty Shops

Bourbon Street is lined with outstanding themed establishments. The most visited for New Orleans shopping is the Bourbon French Parfums. Men and women alike enjoy this 160-year-old haunt. Every scent is mixed by hand, and customers can create their own personal fragrances. You can also purchase already-made perfumes with complimentary body products.


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