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Nice, France

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Nice Attractions

One of the leading Nice attractions is its great year-round weather. However, Nice is also a leading French resort because it offers visitors a wide selection of things to see and do. You can relax and enjoy long strolls along magnificent seaside promenades, see important examples of French architecture, visit the many interesting museums or simply spend the day at the beach.

Magnificent Promenades
Among well-known Nice attractions is the famous Promenade Des Anglais, a long walkway stretching five kilometers along the Mediterranean seaside. It boasts the most elegant hotels, restaurants and shops. Including the palatial Negresco Hotel, built in 1912. It is truly worth taking time to visit the hotel, a must in Nice attractions; don’t miss the elegant Baccarat crystal chandelier hanging in one of the main salons; it was originally designed for a Russian Czar, and purchased by the Negresco after his death.

Great Pedestrian Zones
Automobiles have been banned from numerous areas in the city, thus making them great Nice attractions. Place Garibaldi is one of these fabulous areas; it stands out for the magnificent architecture and history. It was named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, a hero of the Italian unification.

Place Rossetti, another pedestrian area, is fabulous in the daytime because of its numerous terrace restaurants and the best ice-cream makers in the city; by night it becomes a magical place where locals and visitors come to enjoy great music. It is one of the best evening Nice attractions.

The locals flock to Cours Saleya, famous for its daily flower market as well as great restaurants and pubs. It is fabulous place to witness Nice’s daily life, another of Nice attractions.

After Paris, Nice is known for having the biggest number of museums in France. Among the most visited are the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, housed itself in a very impressive building, the Acropolis Convention Center, where those who wish to enjoy great Mediterranean weather hold national and international conventions. Across the road from this great museum you’ll find an impressive and unusual gigantic sculpture, La Tete au Carre de Sosno.

Another well known Nice attraction is the Museum of Fine Arts where works of art of Impressionist as well as post-Impressionists artists such as Monet and Renoir are displayed. Other important museums include the Massena, which houses the Museum of Art and History and the Matisse and Chagall Museums, where one can appreciate important drawings and paintings of both these artists.

Cathedrals, Palaces and Monuments
There is beauty all around you, whether in the natural scenery or the breathtaking architecture. Icons of the city include the Monument Des Morts, a monument to those who died in France’s wars. Beautiful cathedrals like Notre Dame de Nice and St. Nichols also grace the city with their beauty.

Apart from the many attractions, the city hosts great jazz festivals and carnivals known to be the best of Europe. After all, Nice attractions have something for every taste, whether you’re a fan of beauty and history or you just like to enjoy the city’s lighter side.
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