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Nice, France

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Nice Dining

Nice cuisine is fresh and varied, with inspiration derived from Spanish and Italian traditions; it’s based on locally grown vegetables, herbs and olive oil, as well as great local seafood and meats from nearby valleys. One can enjoy dining in Nice at elegant and sophisticated settings or at trendy bistros while enjoying the breezes of the Mediterranean. Visitors can enjoy great dining in Nice at all price ranges.

Elegant and Unforgettable
Chantecler, located at the historical Negresco Hotel, offers top dining in Nice. It offers excellent lunch and dinner menus. With a beautiful décor, incomparable service and gourmet food, and though expensive, it’s well worth it. The goose pate ranks top among its splendorous menu selection.

L’Atmosphere is yet another of traditional elegant restaurants, located in the heart of Old Nice. It’s well-decorated and offers specialties like farcis (stuffed vegetables) and Bouillabaisse (stew made with seafood, shellfish and vegetables). Though quite elegant, it’s not as expensive and Chantecler.

Diamant Noir is another elegant restaurant worth mentioning for a great experience while dining in Nice. Most locals dine here for specialties prepared by its young chef who creates traditional dishes with creative new twists, such as tuna tartar with mushroom and trouffle veloute.

If you’re looking for a quiet atmosphere in an elegant setting without the high prices, visit Le 22 Septembre, with uncomplicated fish and meats dishes. Its cheese platters are among the most popular meal choices after the delightful desserts.

Keisuke Matsushima, on Rue De France, is a modern restaurant with lots of ambience. Fish dishes are prepared with a modern flair without changing its special Nice character.

Tip: Make sure to ask for the fennel crème Brule topped with raspberries and served with a white cheese sorbet and raspberry sauce.

Great Value
Traditional Nice cuisine includes popular dishes like Pissaladiere (pizza made with onion instead of tomato), socca (a crepe made of chickpeas and topped with black pepper), stockfissa (garlicky salt-cod stew) and pan bagnat (salad nicoise in a special olive-oil dipped white bread sandwich), to name a few. The world-renowned salad nicoise is a combination of raw vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, anchovies and/or tuna with herbs, spices and olive oil.

And one of the best places for dining in Nice while enjoying some of the traditional dishes at affordable prices is the heart of the old city.
One of the favorites in the area is Acchiardo, where everyone delights in the fresh daily made fish soups. Another favorite is Chez Theresa, known by the locals for its superb socca.

Really Inexpensive
If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry; you’ll find ample choices when dining in Nice. There are inexpensive self-service eateries offering great local food, pizzas and desserts. You’ll find a few well-known like Lou Phila Leva or Renee Soca, where you can get 2-3 course meals with bread at amazing prices.

There are many ways in which to enjoy Nice’s cuisine, whether it’s at a great restaurant, a seaside café or a picnic on the beach.

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