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Oahu, Hawaii, USA

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Oahu Dining

You may know Hawaii as the home of the famous Luau, but perhaps you haven’t heard that Hawaii is also a destination for great seafood, romantic ocean front restaurants and delightful outdoor cafes. You can find all types of cuisine when dining in Hawaii and everything from exotic to family style eateries.

In Hilo, visitors can find family restaurants that serve great food at affordable prices; one of the most popular is L & L Hawaiian Barbecue, best known for its lunch menu. It also offers a varied dinner menu with beef, pork, chicken and seafood dishes.

If you visit the Kohala coast, Nalu’s Bar and Grill makes an excellent choice for inexpensive dining; you can listen to Hawaiian music while enjoying grilled sandwiches, American style burgers and salads.

Dining in Hawaii does not have to be an expensive part of your trip. You’ll find restaurants that offer more than just sandwiches, yet at moderate prices. Helena’s Hawaiian Food, a regional classic, is home to the best smoked short ribs; boiled butterfish collar with gravy is another of the restaurant’s specialty.

Ono Hawaiian Food is a favorite of the locals, and when you taste the food, you’ll understand why there’s a line of people waiting to come in. Portions are huge, so bring your appetite.

Tip: Combination platters give you the opportunity to try different items on the menu; specialties of the restaurant include na’au pua’a (a specialty stew), and salt meat trip.

Do not miss Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Cafes, with a relaxed atmosphere, and the best coconut shrimp on the island; but make sure to leave room for the famous pina colada cake!

You must admit that dining in Hawaii in itself is the epitome of romance. However, there’s a nice array of restaurants that offer the opportunity to dine on fine cuisine while enjoying beautiful vistas and cool breezes off the ocean. Jameson’s By the Sea, on the Kona coast, is one of them. Its one of the best places to enjoy fresh seafood from the waters of Hawaii, including Mahi Mahi, ono, opaka paka, ahi and lobster. If however you’re not in the mood for seafood, the restaurant also offers the best New York strip steaks or Filet Mignon.

The Beach Club, located in Waimea, is another example of fine dining in Hawaii. One of its most popular dishes is the Kona Shellfish bowl, prepared with lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp and scallops, in a kefir-lime lobster broth and served with a garlic herb baguette.

Oceanfront Lu’au in Waimea is a fabulous place for the famed Luau, a fun way of dining in Hawaii. Though somewhat expensive, you won’t mind the prices once you savor the cuisine. You can taste great Hawaiian dishes like grilled catch of the day prepared in ginger butter and macadamia nuts; do not miss the fabulous desserts like guava chiffon cake or the chocolate and caramel tart with Macadamia nuts.

You’ll admit, finding great food in Hawaii won’t be hard.

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