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Ottawa Overview

If you want to visit a destination that offers a full cultural experience, boasts an impressive number of museums, galleries and theaters, and offers world-class shopping, then Ottawa is a great choice. It also features fantastic dining, a lively nightlife, all types of exciting spectator sports, Canadian heritage sites and exhilarating outdoor activities. These are just some of the things you can expect to find on your next visit to Ottawa. 

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and serves as the base for just about all the government institutions in the nation.  Once visitors discover everything this Canadian gem has to offer, they’ll certainly be planning a return visit for the second or even third time, as Ottawa is filled with impressive sites and breathtaking nature.  Cutting through the city’s center is the Rideau Canal, which provides all types of enjoyment for locals and visitors alike.  In summer, you can cruise on its waters and enjoy the vistas.  In winter, you can ice skate on its frozen paths.  It’s said to be the longest ice rink in the world.  And if you plan to visit Ottawa during the festive winter season, numerous donut and hot chocolate vendors can be found just about everywhere in order to warm you up.

Ottawa is filled with green parks and events that celebrate the beauty of nature.  You’ll find that Ottawa has a friendly environment and locals display a very welcoming attitude.  Whenever there are festivals taking place, guests from around the globe can feel comfortable in knowing that service is always provided in many languages. 

There’s no better way in which to enjoy Ottawa’s rich culture than taking a stroll around the city.  You’ll come across Victorian homes, gothic architecture, stately government buildings and a bounty of art institutions.  You might want to start your visit with the Canadian Museum of Civilization.  It’s the best place where foreigners can get a glimpse into the country’s hundreds of years of history.  And as you walk by landmarks like Parliament Hill, you’ll understand why it’s said to be the most magnificent government building in the world. 

Sports fans are never bored when visiting Ottawa.  The Scotiabank Place is an 18,500-seat arena offering exciting games. It’s also home to the Ottawa Senators, known to be the Premier Hockey team in Canada.  Sports fans will always have a game to keep them entertained. 

Ottawa cherishes peace and this feeling is represented in the monuments seen around the city.  Among them is the National Peacekeeping Statue.  It’s the only symbol of its kind honoring those Canadians who have served as United Nations Peacekeepers. 

Ottawa is also home to some of the best restaurants you can find in Canada.  They feature cuisines from every continent and of course, the famed Canadian gastronomy known for its fresh seafood and variety of high quality farm-raised beef.  

And for those who enjoy to shop while on vacation, Ottawa promises to be a rewarding experience.  In Ottawa, you’ll find one of the oldest department stores and some truly unique discount warehouses along with many specialty boutiques.  Ottawa is also home to one of the oldest pedestrian mall in Canada.

Ottawa has been a well-kept secret for a long time.  It’s time you discovered it for yourself. 



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