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Palm Beach, Florida, USA

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Palm Beach Dining

Since Palm Beach is not just a seasonal resort, all the restaurants are open year round.  And as glamorous as Palm Beach is, visitors can still find superb dining at affordable prices. 

Synonymous with gourmet dining and refined ambience is Café L’Europe.  It’s among the most expensive venues for dining in Palm Beach but well worth it.  From the minute you arrive until you depart you’re treated like a celebrity.  Before you’re guided to your table, you’re offered a seat at the champagne-caviar bar where they feature the finest quality caviars in the world.  And among the signature dishes you’ll find quality steaks, rack of lamb and Dover sole to name but a few.

Tip:  If you want to indulge and treat yourself to this restaurant’s fine dining, make sure to make reservations as they’re booked well in advance. 

Another icon for dining in Palm Beach is Café Boulud at the Brazilian Court.  It’s elegant and decorated in light honey and gold tones.  Its ambience is somewhat reminiscent of the South of France meets South Florida.  The lime color chairs add a touch of tropical chic and the food is just as unique.  The courtyard is the perfect spot to enjoy brunch or an evening under the stars.  Best sellers include New York steak and blackened grouper. 

A most frequented venue is the Leopard Lounge in the Chesterfield Hotel.  This exclusive restaurant still maintains its old black and red interior design.  But the food is truly sublime.  From the crab chowder to the sizzling steaks you won’t get a bad meal.  After dinner this glitzy venue turns into a nightclub usually frequented by Palm Beach’s crème de la crème. 

You won’t want to miss Ta-boo.  This 60 year old eatery serves the best Black Angus aged-beef.  But it’s not just a place for dining in Palm Beach.  If you’re patient enough, you’ll spot a celebrity or two.  And while you dine on fabulous food, models from nearby shops wow you with the latest in fashion wear.

If you’re strolling down the picturesque streets of Palm Beach, you’ll run across Bice.  You’ll recognize it by the trellises covered in bright pink bougainvilleas.  If you can get a table right away, you’ll have the opportunity to savor excellent Italian cuisine.  Start with the focaccia and continue with the risottos.  Everyone who has dined here usually returns a second time. 

You won’t want to miss Testa’s.  It’s casual and unpretentious and another fine choice for dining in Palm Beach.  You can choose a table outside or in the dining room.  You can come as you are even if you’re wearing Bermuda shorts.  But there’s nothing casual about the menu.  Everything is cooked to perfection.  From mouthwatering steaks to delectable grilled salmon, this is one place you’ll always rave about. 

Finally, if all you crave is a simple but delicious meal then try Pizza Al Fresco.  It sits amidst a replicated secret garden scene and offers the best calzone and pizzas. 



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