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Palm Springs, California, USA

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Palm Springs Attractions

Apart from seeing the sites and enjoying the shopping in Palm Springs, you won’t want to miss the celebrity tours.  They’re among the most popular Palm Springs attractions offering visitors the chance to see the homes some of the most famous people in the U.S. including the estate of Frank Sinatra.  And there’s plenty more to do after stargazing.

Museums and Galleries
Everyone enjoys the Palm Springs Desert Museum.  The facility is an outstanding architectural beauty where tourists can enjoy seasonal exhibits as well as permanent collections of art.  The sculpture gardens, galleries and famous Annenberg Theater are quite impressive. 

Of the most visited Palm Springs attractions is the Air Museum.  It’s one of the most important icons of the city and the perfect place to learn of the history of aviation.  Best of all you don’t have to do it in the heat.  You can view the aircraft inside air conditioned hangars.  There are outstanding shows exhibiting World War II icons.  And you’ll want to sit through the lectures given by the pilots who actually flew the planes. 

Art lovers will not be disappointed at the Heusso Gallery.  It’s an ideal location for out-of towners to acquaint themselves with the works of local artists. 

One of the features that attracts visitors to Palm Springs is its natural beauty.  And one of the best places to appreciate it is at Indian Canyons.  This perfect spot boasts idyllic locations for an afternoon picnic or a hike to Witch of Tahquitz Canyon.  It has been described as eerie but a must see.  Streams and green areas provide a relaxing oasis away from the city.

Moorten Botanical Gardens are a one acre home to impressive cacti and plants of deserts from around the globe.  There are over 3,000 species set apart by geographical regions.  

And everyone who visits Palm Springs attractions has a superb time on the Aerial Tramway.  It became operational in 1963 and takes visitors from the bottom of the Coachella Valley to the top portion of the San Jacinto Peak.  It’s among the most visited Palm Springs attractions.  The short ride up is worth the vistas.  On most days you can see as far as the northern part of Las Vegas.  If you have the time, visit the Mountain station’s theater.  It offers an interesting presentation of fossilized fauna indigenous of the region.

Another one of the breathtaking Palm Springs attractions are the San Jacinto Mountains.  They’re located east of Los Angeles.  It’s the original home of the Cahuilla Indians.  Historians say they used the mountains as favorite hunting grounds.  The state park along the peak of the range is another important place to see.

The Plaza Theater has been home to another popular attraction known as the Palm Springs Follies.  This small venue opened its doors in 1936.  And in terms of location, it’s surrounded by fabulous restaurants and nightclubs.  The show features music and dancing numbers from the 30s, 40s and 50s.  The theater has also hosted National renowned artists and classic vaudeville acts. 


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