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Paris, France

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Paris Dining

French food is known throughout the world as one of the best gastronomies, boasting some of the world’s most renowned chefs. Despite popular belief, French cuisine is not about heavy creams; it’s varied in nature, utilizing locally grown products and aromatic herbs that make any dish a work of art. Dining in Paris can be a wonderful experience; visitors can enjoy the best food at reasonable prices while enjoying marvelous vistas of the city; or they can enjoy elegant and exotic meals worth the price.

Most Elegant
One of the most elegant restaurants for dining in Paris is Le Cinq, in the Four Seasons Hotel George V. Its décor is not only elegant but very classic Parisian chic. The food is as fabulous as the décor, with specialties like the lightly seasoned chicken accompanied by crayfish.

Ratatouille is another fabulous place for dining in Paris. Its food, traditionally French, boasts specialties made with beef and seafood; the chef has created favorites using ginger sauces and a variety of foie-gras. Locals brag about the chocolate cake!

Arpege has been known by travelers as one of the best in Paris; it continues to be so, offering an elegant ambience as well as creative dishes of duck, beef and seafood. Their desserts are a must.

Bistros and Brasseries
These great options to fancy restaurants offer affordable dining in Paris, while serving fine cuisine. Among the most popular are L’Absinthe, Chez La Vieille, Au Pied de Cochon, serving simple food with great flavors. Try the steak and fries, a staple of Parisian comfort food.

The Latin Quarter offers an alternative to Parisian cuisine eateries. Here, you’ll find small international bistros such as traditional Greek, middle-eastern, Italian and more. Best of all, the prices are suited for young students.

Many bistros boast great regional foods. One of the locals’ favorite is L’Alsace, serving the best sausages and meats from the Alsace Lorraine region. And of course, the lighter side of French food, cuisine from Provence, found at places like Le Petit Navire, where you can enjoy great seafood dishes prepared with fresh herbs.

Moderately Priced
You’ll find that a great number of restaurants in the city are moderate in price. A perfect example is Le Vin dans Les Voiles, known for its unique menus. A feature that brings Parisians to this restaurant is the “back from the market menu” as they call it; it’s usually the fresh catch of the day or a vegetable currently in season. There’s something different every day, you can have sea trout today and a duck dish tomorrow.

A cozy small place in the Montmartre area is L’epicurien, also serving the freshest of products; its menu is constantly changing, offering great Parisian treats like salmon prepared with a dill sauce, duck prepared with any array of specialty sauces like balsamic, wine or saffron. It’s also the place for great desserts, mainly the traditional French profiteroles or tarte tatin.

Once you experience fine dining in Paris, you’ll know what the rave is about.

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