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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Philadelphia Overview

In Philadelphia, you can take a trip back in time and find out why this city is the center of early American history. Or you can remain planted in this century and enjoy the fabulous shopping, fine dining and clubbing. Sports fans need not worry as Philadelphia is one of the only cities with teams representative of all four major sports. Philadelphia is a city of many “firsts” in American institutions. Once you visit this fabulous city, it will sure be a first on your list of favorite destinations. Philadelphia is called the “city of brotherly love” and with good reason. You’ll find it to be one of the friendliest places.

Philadelphia is home of the cheese-steak. A mouthwatering tender filet of beef topped with melted cheese. But Philadelphia is also home to elegant and chic restaurants. Aged steaks and great seafood top the menus of International acclaimed eateries.

Philadelphia’s architecture is another feature that will impress you. Its colonial style that once dominated the scenery is mixed in with Victorian as well as modern. You could say Philadelphia is eclectic. A visit to rowhouse will give you an opportunity to see the first patio homes built in the Country.

Philadelphia’s historical sites such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are testimony of the most important events in the history of the United States. Most of these landmarks have been declared World Heritage. But historical attractions of monumental importance are not the only things that will impress you. Philadelphia is known as a culturally rich city. You can spend the day visiting unique museums and art galleries. The Benjamin Franklin Institute for example is home to a major science museum. And the Philadelphia Museum of Art is the largest one in the country. Perhaps you’ll recognize the grand steps leading to its entrance. These were featured in the movie “Rocky.” And if museums and galleries were not enough, Philadelphia is home the largest array of public art. This outlet for graffiti aficionados gave birth to more than 2,700 murals around the city.

Getting to Philadelphia is not difficult. With two major airports you won’t have a problem getting a flight in or out. Not that you would want to leave.

With so much to see and do you can’t miss a tour of the city. Its layout is quite impressive and every section offers something unique. The more popular areas include the famed South Street or Old City. It’s the site of amazing night life, cafes and eateries. Don’t miss the Avenue of the Arts where you’ll find theaters and music venues. It’s the place for enjoying the renowned Philadelphia Orchestra or the Opera. The restaurants in the area make it ideal for dining before a show.

Philadelphia’s beauty can be admired in many ways. A fun option is the Pennsylvania Landing Harbor cruise. A tour of the river is quite a delightful activity.

Philadelphia gave birth to the first bank, hospital, zoo, and other great ideas in this country. It’s a city you can’t afford to miss.

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