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Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket Attractions

In Phuket, you can appreciate nature in unusual and fun ways by taking trips and hikes.  You can learn about this locations rich history at museums and landmarks throughout the island.  Then, visit majestic ancient temples by day and enjoy Las Vegas quality shows by night. 

If you’ve always wanted to explore Phuket’s rainforest, head out to the Siam Safari Camp.  It’s one of the most amazing Phuket attractions.  You’ll have the rare opportunity of riding on an elephant’s back and watch as monkeys pick coconuts.  You’ll be able to see how buffalos interact or watch as coconut milk and oil are processed.    

But if you’re not set on climbing on an elephant, there are all terrain vehicles you can rent.  With these you can go through thick vegetation, visit rubber plantations or make a quick stop at the pineapple fields.  You’ll come across local villages where people will wave hello and smile at you. 

If you want to experience the exotic side of Phuket attractions, you won’t want to miss the Orchid Garden and Thai Village.  You’ll marvel in the coloration and variety of these beautiful flowers.  You’ll also witness first hand what life is like in the island. 

You might not include the Sea Shell Museum on your list of Phuket attractions, but it would be a mistake to skip it.  It’s said to have the world’s most incredible collection of seashells from around Thailand.  Among the highlights is the rare oyster featuring the largest pearl (140 karats) and a shell that weighs 550 pounds.

Another interesting Phuket attraction is the Thalang Museum which opens a window for tourists to delve into Phuket’s history.  Its exhibits feature artifacts from the battle of Thalang as well as items from the Burmese army. 

Fun and Unique
The Phuket Fantasea Show is perhaps the most famous of Phuket attractions.  It’s state of the art technology that’s combined with special effects, Thai traditions and Las Vegas style entertainment.  You can dine on the largest buffet ever served in the continent while the show goes on.  You’ll see everything from acrobats to flying elephants.  It’s this type of entertainment that makes Phuket an amazing vacation destination.   

History tells that when the Burmese invaded Phuket there was nobody to organize its defense.  The governor had just died and fortunately his wife and sister took matters into their own hands.  They organized the forces and forced the Burmese to retrieve.  In their honor stands the Heroine’s Monument, one of the iconic Phuket attractions.   

Wat Chalong is also of much importance among the Phuket attractions.  This Buddhist Temple is frequented by travelers who wish to see the statue of Luang Por Cham.  He is famous for stopping the Chinese Coolie Rebellion that took place in 1876. 

And while touring through the Phuket attractions, you’ll want to admire the design of the Sino-colonial mansions throughout.  These are opulent homes built by wealthy Chinese who made fortunes with tin mining.  The offices of the Provincial Governor are a perfect example of this style architecture.   


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