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Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket Dining

Dining in Phuket will be one of the highlights of your trip.  Whether you choose a fancy restaurant or a street vendor, you’ll savor every Thai delight.

Without a doubt, Baan Rim Pa Piano & Restaurant is at the top of favorites for dining in Phuket.  It specializes in traditional Thai cuisine and offers guests a unique setting.  The main dining area is located in an open air salon overlooking the scenic Patong and Kalim Bays.  The piano bar features live entertainment making the evening a memorable experience.  You’ll hear everything from jazz and blues to Broadway show tunes.  And do make sure you take a peak at the wine list.  It’s one of the most impressive on the island.  Start your meal with deep-fried spring crab rolls, sun-dried beef or rich soups.  You can choose from spiced prawn consommé or herb and vegetable cream.  The salad selection is quite interesting too.  One of the most requested is the herbs with seafood.  And for a main entrée, you’ll cherish the flavors of the stir-fried squid with garlic or soft shell crab with curry powder. 

Tip:  A great accompaniment to your main course is the selection of sticky rice side dishes.  The best one is made with mango.

Another exciting option for dining in Phuket is the Sea Hag.  It stands in a category of its own.  For the last fifteen years it has continued to amaze anyone who decides to give it a try.  And it’s no surprise that everyone returns a second time.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting while showcasing large decorative mirrors, family memorabilia and antiques along the walls.  The upstairs dining room is just as stylish but features more of an international allure.  Among the top signature dishes is the steamed fish drenched in lemon and spices or the large prawns served with a selection of dipping sauces.  You’ll agree that everything that comes out of the kitchen is served with panache. 

One of the top budget-friendly establishments for dining in Phuket is S & G.  The interior design is basic and nothing to brag about but the food is a different story.  It serves quite a selection of traditional recipes like steamed and fried noodles to salads and sandwiches.  But you’ll want to try the noodles with pork.  They’re well liked by those who frequent the place.

But if you want to change gears and eat something different, why not go to Salvatore’s Restaurant for dining in Phuket.  This Italian treasure serves fabulous fare in a happy and colorful atmosphere.  Aside from being able to savor mouthwatering food, you can listen to the sounds of Italian melodies playing in the background and have a glass of Merlot and relax.  The owner will greet you at your table with a basket of fresh baked garlic bread.  The thinly sliced raw beef makes for an excellent choice in starters.  Try the sea bass, the braised lamb or the duck legs for main dishes.      



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