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Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket Overview

For a vacation beyond anything you’ve dreamed of, consider Phuket.  It boasts the most magnificent sunsets, silky sands, turquoise waters and outstanding diving.  There are also world-class golf courses and nature adventures like no other place offers.  You can ride an elephant through tropical forests or take a serene cruise along the bay.  You can visit ancient temples and enjoy festive celebrations.  Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and a destination you’ll never forget. 

Phuket is rich in culture, something that its inhabitants constantly celebrate.  In Phuket, there are festivals that center around religion, travel and sports.  The most popular includes the Boat Floating Festival, when thousands of small vessels are set adrift on the waters.  This is done to bring in the good fortune and watch as evil floats away.  Another favorite among travelers is the Patong Carnival which features floats, parades, competitions and of course music and good food. 

No other island possesses as many breathtaking beaches as Phuket.  And Phuket’s coastal winding roads are ideal for partaking of the astounding scenery.  You’ll want to check the weather report so that your visit does not coincide with monsoon season.  Aside from that, Phuket is an incredible place to enjoy all types of activities especially those outdoor. 

You can arrive at Phuket’s International Airport from any place in the world.  Or if you’re in the mainland you can go across the bridge that connects to Phuket.  Getting around is never an issue.  There are so many fun ways in which to travel through Phuket you’ll have a wonderful time.  Songthaews are available to cross between towns and beaches and are cheaper than motorbike taxis.  However, you’ll also find buses and small vans for your convenience.

Take time to tour Phuket and see the distinct characteristics that define each area.  Patong for instance is the most frequented venue and known for a vibrant nightlife.  And in Surin Beach, you’ll come across magnificent homes said to have hefty price tags.  But if you’re looking for quiet and secluded, Karon Beach is not a bad choice. 

Phuket’s cuisine is famous world wide.  There aren’t too many cities that don’t offer Thai gastronomy.  In Phuket, you can dine at elegant restaurants amidst amazing settings or you can grab a quick bite from a street stall.  Street food in fact is popular among adventurous tourists who enjoy trying new things.  Traditional food includes steamed or fried noodles with pork or chicken.  It also focuses on the use of curry sauces, dried spicy chili and smoked seafood.  Coconuts and pineapples are at the core of signature entrees and are products available throughout the whole year.

When in Phuket you’ll also want to visit landmarks and icons to learn of the island’s long history.  Phuket was founded in the 1st Century B.C by colonists from India.  Wars with other cultures like the Burmese and the influx of Chinese immigrants make it a most interesting site to discover.  
Phuket is unlike any other place in the world.   



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