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Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket Shopping

In Phuket, you’ll find every conceivable type of gift.  Between the large super-malls, open air markets and specialty stores, you won’t have any other choice but to give in and buy extra luggage in order to bring everything home.  Phuket shopping offers fabulous silks and textiles, jewelry, antiques, ceramics and more. 

Shopping Centers
Whether you’re purchasing a new wardrobe or traditional Thai souvenirs, the Central Phuket Festival is one of the best establishments to begin Phuket shopping.  It houses a department store known for its outstanding selection of watches, cosmetics, jewelry, name brand clothing and house wares.  Ladies love to browse through the jewelry section displaying gold and pearls.  And when it comes to bargain shopping, the mall offers a vast collection of outlets selling brand names like Nike, Lacoste, Guess and Lee Boots to name a few.  If you find yourself on the third floor, you’ll enjoy bigger savings on all types of sportswear and equipment.  

And if you haven’t had enough of Phuket shopping at mammoth size complexes, by all means don’t miss Jungceylon.  It contains everything you can fathom including electronics boutiques that stock the latest in technology.  They’re great establishments for buying computers, iPods and more. 

Street Markets
You’ll never find markets like those of Thailand.  They’re loud, busy and best of all open until late hours of the night.  Among the most popular for Phuket shopping is the Patong Beach Road Market.  It showcases tables filled with cheap designer clothing, DVDs, watches and souvenirs. 

You’ll also find stalls and small markets for Phuket shopping along the Historical District.  It’s best to walk around and browse.  You’ll have the opportunity to buy incredible treasures representing the many cultures that have lived here.  Along Rasada Road for example, visitors can purchase Buddhist amulets.  They’re said to bring good luck warding off the negative.  To read more about these myths, stop at Phang Nga Road for second hand books.  Continue on and peak inside one of the venues that make traditional local sweets.  Or head to Nguan Choon Tong.  It’s said to be the oldest herbal shop in Thailand and supplies most of the spas around.    

Specialty Shops
If you’re into antiques, you’ll find that Phuket shopping is sublime for collectors.  Chan’s Antique House is the largest establishment in the island.  It houses genuine antiques as well as quality reproductions of furnishings, bronzes and other items.  These are imported from countries like Cambodia, Laos, Burma and China. 

Tip:  Take a look at the Buddha images made in Thailand as well as the hand-crafted low tables made from teakwood.  The store will ship your purchase anywhere in the world.  

To find great silks, hand woven textiles, cotton clothing and tribal items from the mountains of Northern Thailand, make a beeline for Ban Boran Textiles.  It’s a favorite among celebrities and a most frequented venue of tourists for Phuket shopping. 

And don’t forget to treat yourself while Phuket shopping.  At Wang Talang’s huge showroom, travelers marvel in the varied stock of Benjarong porcelain, silks and exquisite precious gems. 



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