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Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague Attractions

Prague is a city filled with hundreds of wonderful attractions, sites to see, places to visit and things to learn and explore. You’ll discover that many of the Prague attractions are situated in close proximity to one another, making it very easy to pack a lot in, even during a short period of time.

The Old Town Square
Dating back to before the 12th century, the Old Town Square, a major Prague attraction, has served as the main square of the city and has set the scene for a lot of Prague’s historical events. The square is closed to street traffic and hosts many restaurants, bars and cafes. The square hosts another one of the great Prague attractions, the annual Christmas market. One of the other main features on display in the square is a huge intricate Gothic Astronomical clock. This clock attracts tourists every hour on the hour to watch the performance of its elaborate mechanisms.

The Prague Castle
One of the great Prague attractions that all ages will enjoy is the Prague Castle. Originally built in the 9th century, it’s been expanded on as the centuries have progressed. The castle was built into a fortress in the year 1100 and houses the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral. Another one of the many Prague attractions, this is actually the country’s largest church and holds the tomb of “Good King Wenceslas” of the famed Christmas carols, bringing both religious and secular sightseers from all corners of the earth.

Miluniae and Ghery’s Dancing House
Another site that can’t be missed when visiting the city is the Miluniae and Ghery’s Dancing House. This architectural gem is one of the most unique and structurally fabulous buildings in the world. It was the love child of Czech architect Vlado Miluniae and Canadian architect Frank Gehry. This building is set apart from the other Prague attractions and resembles a couple dancing (specifically Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair) and was originally named “Fred and Ginger.” The building was originally designed in 1992 and it was completed in 1996.

The Charles Bridge
Easily the most photographed of the Prague attractions, the Charles Bridge is one of the most spectacular footbridges in all of Europe. Lining the bridge, you will find artists, musicians and local merchants entertaining and peddling for the throngs of people who make their way across the bridge each day. The statues that accompany you along the way add to the majestic air of the city. Like none of the other Prague attractions, this one literally winds back the clocks and makes any tourist feel like they’ve gone back to a simpler era.

The Jewish Museum
The Jewish Museum - the biggest one of its kind in all of Europe – is perhaps one of the most visited Prague attractions. This museum holds one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of Jewish art in the world. Most of the objects found in this haunting Prague attraction were collected by the Nazi’s and brought to Prague in 1942 to be used in what was meant to be a “museum of an extinct people.”
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