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Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague Dining

Dining in Prague is a surprisingly delightful treat. While many people have a pre-conceived notion that Czech food (like most cuisine from that part of Europe) may be a bit dull and tasteless, try it with an open mind! Dining in Prague offers local Czech delicacies which are usually centered on meat and potato stew (called “goulash”). Additionally, you can find international cuisine done to perfection virtually anywhere in the city.

The following is a comprehensive list of recommended restaurants where you can enjoy food and drink while dining in Prague:

Café Slavia – This café is unique to Prague and offers diners a chance to eat pastries and drink coffee in the same place that the Milan Kundera and Franz Kafka used to frequent. The café opened in 1881; the same time that the National Theatre (still situated right across the street), was founded. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink and dessert or a steaming cup of hot cocoa on a cool evening.

Nostress – For those on a slightly higher budget, this French-Asian Fusion restaurant offers delectable dishes and a modern yet cozy atmosphere. This is the perfect place for adults looking to enjoy an evening out to spoil themselves on good food in a serene and peaceful environment. Here, you’ll enjoy some of the best steak, duck, noodle dishes and more that Prague has to offer. Make sure that you don’t pass on dessert, which includes some of the finest Belgian pastries and chocolate creations in the city.

Svata Klara – This restaurant offers the ultimate when it comes to dining in Prague. In business since 1679, this restaurant is set underground in a natural cave. The menu is extensive and the food delicious with prices being a bit higher than average. This is the perfect place for a romantic dinner for two. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find something comparable anywhere else in the world.

Albio – This restaurant leaves vegetarians dining in Prague with something to remember. The entire menu is organic (even the wine) and the staff is incredibly friendly. The food is fresh and delicious and the menu is unique and fun. This relaxed environment is suitable for families and even includes baby playpens in the dining area.

Tip: Albio offers a complete organic supermarket in addition to its restaurant so those trying to keep up a certain diet when traveling can make sure to stock up on all their organic needs at this cozy spot.

Quick Pick-Me-Up Czech Food
Besides your typical eateries, try ordering a Czech style hot dog at one of one of the many street vendors around Old Town Square or Western Wenceslas Square. These hot dogs are similar to Western sausages and are served in a hollowed out French roll filled with condiments. They make for a great snack between lunch and dinner and are uniquely Czech. Keep in tradition (even on the street) and enjoy your hot dog with a traditional cup of mulled wine. This is an especially welcoming combination during the cold winter months.

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