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Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague Shopping

Not unlike most post-Communist countries, the Prague shopping experience echoes the mad-rush for capitalism, variety, and purchasing freedom. In this sense, the city has undergone a massive change in the past 10 years while growing into its new found economic freedom. Today, you can find Western designer stores, local trendy brands, gift and souvenir shops and specialty stores in every nook and cranny of the city for your Prague shopping experience. Not only you will you find what you are looking for, but the majority of Prague stores (except for the mom & pop variety) offer convenient shopping hours, unheard of in other central European countries. You can even address your late-night food cravings by shopping at one of the local supermarkets for that occasional late nighttime snack.

Outdoor Promenade
Enjoying Prague shopping is easy and should be carried out as you make your way around the various destinations in the city so that you won’t miss any hotspots. The streets and squares that make up the Old Town are full of gift shops and stands selling memorabilia such as sports paraphernalia and Bohemian crystal. The area around the Charles Bridge is also great for Prague shopping if you’re looking for unique gifts and trinkets to bring home as gifts.

For a special treat and the ultimate in Prague shopping, try to plan your trip for December. That’s when the numerous Christmas Markets fill the city’s squares. Here you will find not only special gifts and memorabilia, you’ll also find food and drink that’s unique not only to Prague shopping, but to Prague at Christmas time.

Prague is home to several large shopping malls, but if you’re looking for a more local experience while not compromising on the boutique stores that you come to expect in any major European city, visit Na Prikope Street. This street is the 18th most expensive street in the world (property value-wise). Prague shopping is an experience you don’t want to miss whether you are in the market for expensive gifts or whether you are just looking for an unmatched and unforgettable window-shopping experience.

Tips for Gifts:The best place to buy gifts during your Prague shopping tour is around the Old Town Square and Prague Castle. Here you will find a stunning array of Bohemian crystal and traditional Czech jewelry (made of garnet). Other gifts native to Prague include hand painted eggs, assorted handicrafts, folk art, puppets, wooden toys and antiques from the Communist era.

Unique Gift Ideas
If you’re looking for an interesting and charming gift to bring home be sure to visit the Russian Doll Shop. Here you’ll find an assortment of handmade Russian dolls in every shape, size and theme imaginable. Known in Russian as "matrioshki" you can find dolls crafted to resemble everything from well-known Disney characters to famous politicians. Prices vary depending on the material used. While some dolls are made from simple cloth and other common materials, more expensive ones are made from porcelain.

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