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Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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Puerto Plata Overview

For a vacation that can only be described as extraordinary, visit Puerto Plata, a province of the Dominican Republic. It’s home to friendly and happy people who wake up to the tunes of merengue music. Puerto Plata is lined with warm sandy beaches and surrounded by tall mountains. It therefore offers the most beautiful sceneries in the Caribbean. It’s no wonder Christopher Columbus called Puerto Plata “the fairest land under heaven.”

It’s very easy to get here as Canada and Europe offer weekly charter flights. You can also fly in from major cities in the United States and Puerto Rico. Once in Puerto Plata, you can get around with a private car, helicopter or yacht. This is home to the “all-inclusive” resort. That means that food, drinks and a list of amenities is included in your price. Even airfare is sometimes included.

But that’s not the only reason why it’s the most visited place in the Caribbean. There are so many activities within and outside the resorts that travelers usually have Puerto Plata on their list of must sees.

Enjoy a luxurious vacation where you’re not allowed to lift a finger throughout your stay. You can begin your day with a typical Dominican breakfast surrounded by the beauty of lush vegetation. Waiters will cater to your every whim and make sure your coffee cup is always filled. A golf cart will take you to your very own ocean-front lounge chair. For the rest of the day, your only concern is making it on time to the massage and aromatherapy sessions. After a refreshing nap, browse through the fabulous shops at your resort and make reservations at any of the great restaurants. Afterward, dance the night away.

But if you’re in the mood for adventure and excitement, Puerto Plata has much to offer. Go horseback riding through the mountains. Several area ranches will assist you in the rental of a fine palomino. There are also great opportunities for scuba diving. Explore great depths, shipwrecks, and shallow reefs. And if you’re interested, Puerto Plata is said to be one of the least expensive places to get a diving certification.

Visitors can also enjoy the exhilarating wrath of the river in white water rafting. Or appreciate the magnificence of humpback whales. Samana Bay boasts the largest meeting point of whales from January through March.

For those who like a challenge, Pico Duarte is the ideal place to hike. At 10,000 feet above sea level, it’s the tallest mountain in the Caribbean.

Water parks are another way for the entire family to have a great time. Check out the dolphin pools and swim with these unique animals.

And if all these outdoor activities weren’t enough, there’s an array of golf courses. In fact, Victoria Resort & Beach has one of the best golf courses in the world. Whether you’re Tiger Woods or a beginner, you’ll enjoy the 18-hole green.

If shopping is your thing, you’ll find plenty of Dominican cigars, great rum, unique jewelry and island fashion.

In Puerto Plata you’ll always enjoy yourself.

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