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Quito, Ecuador

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Quito Dining

Dining in Galapagos Islands is about fresh seafood and authentic Ecuadorian gastronomy. You usually start off the meal with rare tropical fruits and continue on with sublime ceviches. These are seafood cocktails made of shrimp, mussels or crab. They’re left to cook in lemon juice with an array of spices. Main dishes consist of fish cooked in coconut or plantains, guinea pig, stewed chicken or goat stew. These are generally served on a bed of rice along with potatoes. Most meals are spiced up with Aji. This is a hot sauce made with regional chilies.

Most restaurants offer “set menus.” These are usually traditional dishes and include a drink and dessert. You may also order from the rest of the menu.

Spondylus is among the top international restaurants for dining in Galapagos Islands. Although its décor is simple, it serves appetizing seafood, pastas and steaks.

The Red Mangrove Inn is quite romantic. You can dine on the terrace accompanied by unusual creatures. Sip on a cocktail and enjoy bird watching. The view of the harbor alone is worth a visit. Try the soft shell crabs or the fried octopus.

Angermeyer Point on the waterfront serves exceptional seafood. The chef prepares every dish adding flavors from different parts of the world. Try the Chilean bass or the octopus fra Diablo.

Hotel Silberstein is renowned for outstanding dining in Galapagos Islands. Its German owner makes sure that every visitor leaves satisfied. Ecuadorian and German dishes grace the menu. Traditional breaded veal is at the top of favorites.

Familiar William is one of the most popular hangouts in Puerto Ayora. Its Caribbean style décor is warm and inviting. The curries are the rave of the atolls. Don’t miss the lobster or shrimp in coconut milk and curry sauce.

Everyone loves ceviche. And Rincon del Alma as the name implies puts heart and soul into preparing these Ecuadorian delights. The most asked for is the octopus and shrimp combination. It’s served with sweet plantain chips.

Tip: Try the home style empanadas (Corn pockets) filled with crab meat and sweet potato.

La Chosa is very popular among tour guides and locals. The chef is renowned for preparing octopus and squid in every imaginable style. It’s a must for seafood lovers.

For after a long day sightseeing, bring your appetite to Toque del Sabor. This casual style restaurant serves large portions. Broiled fish is served with hearty soup, rice, salad and even dessert. You won’t leave hungry.

And for more of that superb Ecuadorian cuisine, Sevi Sabrason is not to be missed. The breaded and grilled steaks are the best dishes. They go well with the thick hearty batidos (shakes) prepared by the owner’s wife.

Vegetarians can enjoy fine dining at Capricho. It’s said to be among the best for dining in Galapagos Islands. You’ll find mouthwatering fruit salads and dishes made with corn, rice and potato. Vegetables and plants indigenous to the islands are used in preparing creative meals.

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