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Quito, Ecuador

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Quito Overview

If you’re looking to spend your next vacation at a unique and fascinating place, then Galapagos Islands is the destination for you. This unspoiled group of islands, which is an Ecuadorian province, is one of the most magnificent of World Heritage Sites. It’s also home to large numbers of wildlife species. It’s home to many artists, poets and musicians who find inspiration in the serenity and beauty. Although you’ll come for the sheer magnificence of the archipelago, you’ll still find fabulous places to dine and shop. Look out for plenty of opportunities to find that special memento of your trip.

The Galapagos Islands sit off the coast of South America on the equator. One of the amazing features is that this volcanic produced archipelago remains as it did millions of years ago. Throughout time, animals have made their way to the different islands. Most of the species can only be found here. Visitors will see how the multitudes of animals live together in a single destination. It’s truly a nature lover’s paradise.

A visit will take you back in time. Bring your camera, your sketch pad or your journal. You’ll want to capture every aspect of this astonishing place. It’s not difficult to understand why biologist Charles Darwin wrote “The Origin of Species” after observing life in Galapagos Islands.

The thirteen land masses that form the Galapagos Islands are each different in nature. Espanola, for example, is the oldest and flattest. It doesn’t have any volcanic characteristics. The beaches here are superb. The sea lions will be glad to share them with you. It’s also a perfect choice for snorkeling and viewing giant sea turtles, colorful fish and hammerhead sharks. West of Espanola, tourists can appreciate the most outstanding fauna in the entire Galapagos Islands. See them perched on cliffs or along the coast; it’s quite an unforgettable site.

Floreana, on the other hand, has made history with the first post office opening in 1793. It was established by English whalers who needed to send letters to and from their homeland. Today, you can still walk in and send a letter without using postage. The two beaches on Punta Cormorant offer superb scenery and are fabulous for sun worshippers.

Everyone usually visits Santa Cruz. It’s the most populated of the atolls. A drive to Puerto Ayora on the coast will provide visitors with a selection of restaurants and handicrafts’ boutiques. It’s also the site of the Charles Darwin Research Station. Both are must see when touring Galapagos Islands.

The climate is suitable for visitors year round. There are two major seasons and both are great times to visit. The months of December through January offer warmer temperatures without extreme heat. This is partly due to the ice cold currents of the ocean. The remaining months are somewhat moist with occasional rain.

No matter which island tourists choose to visit they always leave room to sample the exceptional seafood and Ecuadorian cuisine.

No one ever stops stop talking about their experiences at Galapagos Islands.

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