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Quito, Ecuador

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Quito Shopping

You may not travel all the way to Galapagos Islands for its shopping, but you’ll definitely find superb venues to engage in a little retail therapy.

Art and Crafts
One of the most visited areas for Galapagos Islands shopping is Puerto Ayora. The town is home to a large community of artists. Angelique Art Gallery has the largest selections of oil paintings, silk scarves, ceramics and other items inspired in the awe of the islands.

Specialty Shops
La Casa del Lago is another popular destination for Galapagos Islands shopping. Don’t rush through the pottery section. You might miss something special. There’s an extensive collection of writings relating the history of the islands. You’ll find beautiful coffee table books with photographs of the fauna and flora. The ladies section showcases hand painted shirts and scarves with pictures of birds and marine life.

Tattoo is a fun place to visit. You’ll find all sorts of sporting goods as well as outdoor and activity clothing. It’s the ideal place for creating a Galapagos Island wardrobe. Don’t miss the cargo pants. They’re very comfortable for a day of sightseeing. You’ll also find dresses, jackets and unique jewelry. The jewelry is representative of the wildlife and makes great gifts. It’s one of the best places for Galapagos Islands shopping. You’ll be surprised to find chic swimwear with matching sarongs and sandals. Haute couture still managed to make it to this part of the world.

The small boutiques in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno are ideal if you need to stock up on diving equipment or even diving wear. Specialized professionals will assist you in answering your questions. You may even want to enroll in scuba lessons or apply for certification. The prices are quite reasonable.

Other boutiques in the area of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno sell authentic island gifts. These venues make for more enjoyable Galapagos Islands shopping. You’ll find wood carved turtles and other animals indigenous to this region. There are also weavings, rugs, jewelry and delicate mementos. These include hand-made jewelry boxes and hair decorations. Some of the traditional jewelry pieces are made from red and black coral. You won’t find anything like it elsewhere in the world.

The Red Mangrove Inn Resort is home to a very special gift shop. It displays a selective collection of wool textiles as well as wood carved statues of fauna. Although the prices are somewhat higher you’ll know you’re purchasing authentic handicrafts.

Casa de Marita Hotel is also home to a wonderful small gift shop. The choice of paintings is small but still very interesting.

A must among Galapagos Island shopping is a visit to the Darwin Research Station. The money made by its gift shops and book stores is used for the islands’ preservation.

And don’t miss the Fabian Salame Gallery. The place is more like an art gallery rather than a jewelry store. His designs are so unique that he has been commissioned to design for Tiffany’s. The venue is an art deco structure with an ornate entrance.

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