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Reykjavik, Iceland

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Reykjavik Attractions

Apart from one-of-a-kind scenery and the breath-taking natural phenomenon you’ll find here, Iceland attractions boast important historic icons as well.

Thingvellir is home to Iceland’s first Parliament, which was built in 930 AD. This icon of glass and stone is one of the most important Iceland attractions.

Tip: Bring your fishing equipment. The nearby lake is the largest and one of the most renowned Iceland attractions.

The National Theater is another important Iceland attraction. Visit the three major stages where local and international stars have made their debut.

The Culture House in Reykjavik offers wonderful exhibits relating the history of the Norse gods. There’s also a large display of Arni Magnusson’s lifetime work. He dedicated his career to preserving important Icelandic manuscripts.

Arnesinga Folk Museum, built in 1765, is a must for all visitors. It’s set in the oldest buildings of the Country. It was once the home to trading merchants. Today it relates the history and traditions of the region.

Another important cultural icon and best of Iceland attractions is the Skogar Folk Museum. It showcases over 6,000 artifacts. There’s also an interesting section relating Iceland’s architectural history.

And for those who love art, the Reykjavik Municipal Art Museum is impressive. See the displays of modern Icelandic and International works.

Religious Sites
The church of Hallgrimur with 1,000 seats and nearly 240 feet in height is an impressive site. Its home to the statue of Leifur Eiriksson. He’s said to be the first Viking to step on American soil.

The Vidimyri Turf Church is also worth a visit. It was built in 1834 and is a great example of the region’s architecture. The pulpit dates back to 1616.

Nature Wonders
If there’s one reason for visiting Iceland, it’s the Northern Lights Phenomenon. It can be seen between September and March. This most amazing show of nature is a collection of electrical particles that cause the air to glow. This is caused by changes in the direction and intensity of light in the sky. The array of colors is indescribable. You simply have to see it for yourself to appreciate it. It ranks as the top of Iceland attractions.

The Blue Lagoon toward the southern part of the country is another must on a visitor’s list. It’s renowned for its positive healing qualities. Algae in distinct blue and green colors as well as white mud account for the waters turquoise tones.

The south is also the site of the Golden Circle. It’s formed by three important Iceland attractions: the Parliament, Gullfoss and Geysir. Gullfoss is a most impressive waterfall that flows 98 feet down. The views of the canyon are guaranteed to leave you speechless. Geysir is site to great hot springs and a superb place to relax.

In Iceland, there’s much more to see. Cruise the Westfjords or hike up to Landmannalaugar. See large dormant volcanic craters. Visit lava caves and see why Jules Verne mentioned Snaefellsnes Glacier in one of his books. Iceland attractions will convince you of making another trip back.
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