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Reykjavik, Iceland

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Reykjavik Dining

You can’t get fresher than Icelandic cuisine. Restaurants feature fresh catch of the day and vegetables harvested in organic soil. In Reykjavik alone you’ll find over 200 restaurants offering visitors great choices for dining in Iceland.

Iceland is proud of its beef quality. At Hereford Steakhouse you can choose your own cut. You can then have it prepared right before your eyes at a special grilling station.

If you want the best for dining in Iceland, Einar Ben is the place. It’s frequented by important personalities, actors and diplomats. The cuisine is Icelandic with touches of international flavors. Specialties include rosemary lamb with mustard sauce.

But for those with a more exotic palate Sjavarkjallarinn is a must. It’s rated among the top restaurants in Reykjavik and situated under- ground. Regular dishes become out of the ordinary with the chef’s addition of coconut milk and pomegranates. These are set on a plate looking like small works of art. The prices are high but worth treating yourself.

And if you’re in a romantic mood, Skolabru is a great choice. It’s located in an old wood and tin house. It’s decorated with candle light and soft pastel linens. Icelandic cuisine with a fusion of nouvelle cuisine is the specialty of the house. Duck with sweet sauce top the list of favorites. The lamb and fresh seafood are just as fabulous.

Another great romantic spot is Siggihall. It’s also renowned for being one of the finest for dining in Iceland. The chef prepares Cod in more ways than you can imagine.

Why not take advantage of great scenery. Perlan sits atop large water tanks and offers the best vistas of the city as well as the mountains. Their preparation of reindeer, seal and whale dishes is most unique.

If you’re looking for romantic in a more relaxed atmosphere, Ristorante Italia is a must. You’ll find authentic pasta dishes on the menu as well as mouthwatering wood-oven pizzas.

Tip: If you wish to dine in a more private setting, the dining room is available. However reservations are recommended.

And as you’ve heard, everyone brags about Icelandic beef. Argentina should be on everyone’s list for dining in Iceland. It’s truly amazing. If you’re not a meat lover you can choose among other superb dishes like char-grilled salmon or the vegetarian dish of the day.

The locals all rave about Askur Brasserie. Its casual atmosphere and budget friendly prices has made it a popular place to dine. The lunchtime buffet is a good value and a good way to try all different regional specialties. Don’t miss the Skyr. This is a yoghurt based dessert and a tradition for hundreds of years.

Another fine choice for dining in Iceland is Litli Ljoti Andarunginn. It’s a mouthful to pronounce but worth the effort. It offers home-style cooking in a classy environment. Try the lobster and langoustines. Between May and October visitors can enjoy the all-you-can eat seafood buffet. Iceland is always a real treat.

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