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Reykjavik, Iceland

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Reykjavik Shopping

Iceland is synonymous with superb shopping. Offering great fashion and handicrafts, there’s something to please every member of the family.

Shopping Centers
Iceland shopping hasn’t been invaded by large malls. However, Kringlan is the largest and best venue for finding everything under one roof. There are more than 150 shops, restaurants and movie theaters. You’ll find designer names like Prada and Gucci. You’ll also find Icelandic boutiques offering beautiful selections of knitwear.

Smaralind is another shopping center, though somewhat smaller. It’s ideal for buying camping equipment and other Iceland shopping goodies.

Cintamani Center is not really a shopping center but given its size it might as well be. It’s the best location for everything the family needs for every outdoor activity imaginable. Get yourself ready for hiking, fly fishing or even glacier snowmobiling. It’s superb Iceland shopping.

Visitors can enjoy long hours of Iceland shopping at the several flea markets around the villages and towns. But one stands out for Iceland shopping. The flea market of Reykjavik is open all weekend and boasts the largest selection of blankets, lava glazed pottery, fish products and more. You may also find a treasure or two among its antiques’ collections.

Specialty shops
Specialty shops make Iceland shopping a lot more fun. A must for all visitors who love authentic regional gifts is Kirsuberjatreo. Female artists work all day creating fish skin handbags, music boxes and knitwear.

Rammageroin is another favorite among tourists. This 60-year old shop is the biggest and oldest in Iceland. It’s the ideal place for purchasing beautiful coffee books. Most of these concentrate on Iceland’s magnificent scenery and wildlife. Isles with knitwear and handmade ceramics offer superb gift buying opportunities. The Viking helmet section is a must see.

Don’t exclude Icelandic designers from your list. They’re slowly making their way into the catwalks of trendy cities. At ELM, you’ll find black and cream colored clothing designed by local talent.

And for the wilder at heart, Naked Ape is the place. Cool T-shirts and crazy designs cover the shop from wall to wall. The prices are very reasonable and in some instances as crazy as the designs. It’s another example of unique Iceland shopping.

And who would think that all weather wear could be created to fit in with high fashion. At 66 Degrees, you’ll find waterproof clothing, coats, jackets, hats and gloves with an original flare. Purchase the latest design and you’ll be hoping for rain.

The Hand-knitting Association is a fabulous store to visit. It’s run by knitters who love what they do and their creations reflect it. Don’t go home without a beautiful blanket in traditional Icelandic earth tones. With the prices being so low, you could buy something for every friend on your list.

For those who still appreciate the beauty of a fur coat, Eggert the Furier is said to be the best for Iceland shopping. He carries classic cuts in sable, seal, mink or wolf. His coats never go out of style.

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