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Rhodes, Greece

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Rhodes Attractions

Rhodes Attractions will carry you through ages of conquests, battles and victories. History buffs will be right in their element here.

Old Town
Begin your exploration of Rhodes attractions in Old Town. A must see is the Eleftheria Gate which leads to Plateia Simi. It contains the Temple of Venus, which is representative of the Hellenistic era.

The Street of the Knights is probably the most important of Rhodes attractions. It’s the site of well preserved medieval artifacts from throughout the world. It’s of the outmost historic importance. It’s the location where the Inns were built. These served as residences to the Knights of the Order of St. John. Each one of the Inns portrayed on its gate the details of the respective Country it represented.

If you don’t have the time to see them all, don’t miss the Inn of the Order of the Tongue of Italy. It was constructed in 1519. Walk by the Inn of Spain; today, it’s a bank that boasts a beautiful architectural style. Another one worth a visit is the Inn of France. It was built in 1492 and is one of the most opulent buildings of all. It’s a perfect example from the Gothic period.

The Palace of the Knights is not to be missed among Rhodes attractions. The original structure was destroyed by accident, but was then reconstructed to host Mussolini in the 1930s. Its collection of antiques including furnishings is absolutely astounding.

The Mosque of Suleiman is a beautiful Rhodes attraction. It shows that the Turks were also present in Rhodes at one time.

Another reminder of Turkish presence is the Municipal Baths. These are housed in a 7th century Byzantine edification. Travelers may use the Hamam (baths) located between the Mosque and the Folk Dance Theater. The latter by the way is lots of fun. Classes are offered daily.

Rhodes was also home to a large Jewish community. The Square of the Jewish Martyrs pays homage to the 1,600 Jews who were sent from here to Auschwitz. There’s also a small synagogue and museum worth visiting.

Acropolis of Rhodes
This is one of the most impressive Rhodes attractions. It’s located atop a hill on the west side of the city of Rodos. It’s an impressive area boasting sanctuaries, temples and subterranean vaults. Most of these date back to the 2nd century B.C. Not everything has been excavated, but tourists can see the Temple of Pythian Apollo and the stadium.

The Museum of Decorative Arts is one of the popular Rhodes attractions. It displays beautifully crafted artifacts from Rhodes and other Greek islands.

Other interesting venues include the Archaeological and Byzantine museums.

New Town
This area comes alive at night with nightclubs and cafes. The most iconic of Rhodes attractions is the Mandraki Harbor which dates to the times of Italian domination. At the entrance, visitors can see the two columns with one deer on each top. It’s the location where one of the Ancient Wonders of the World known as the Colossus of Rhodes once stood.
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