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Rhodes, Greece

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Rhodes Overview

Visit a land of knights and castles, of legends and medieval palaces, a place that today is referred to as a gem on the Aegean Sea. See and experience the idyllic beauty of Rhodes, Greece.

By traveling to the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, you’ll be choosing the ideal destination for a Greek vacation. Rhodes is home to amazing attractions relating centuries of history. It’s also the setting of trendy nightclubs, discos and fine restaurants. Where once sat important philosophy and science schools, visitors can shop for divine leathers, furs and jewelry. Rhodes has the ability to mesmerize.

Rhodes also offers the beauty of its beaches. Tourists can engage in all types of water activities like skiing, sailing or deep sea fishing. And if you’re not into sea related fun, you can always hike to the summit of Mount Attaviros. It’s the highest point in Rhodes.

By exploring Rhodes, you’ll gain insight into its gripping past. Begin with Lindos, a scenic town. Its labyrinths dating to the 14th and 15th centuries are filled with treasures. One of these includes a Byzantine church. It houses hundreds of frescoes depicting scenes from Genesis through the Last Judgment. Ialisos is another beautiful place to visit in Rhodes. It’s not just another site for discovering ruins of ancient monasteries. It’s here where the Knights of the Order of St. John built an underground chapel.

If in Rhodes during the summer, visitors can appreciate the butterflies that make the valleys their own. This is normally the warmest part of the year. The remaining months boast very comfortable temperatures. Many restaurants and shops in Rhodes are closed between December and March.

A visit to the southern part of Rhodes offers tourists the opportunity to see 15th century castles occupied at one time by Knights. From there, Embonas is not far. It’s known as the wine capital of Rhodes and with reason. The region’s rich soil contributes to the quality of its vintages.

Along the same side of the island, travelers can enjoy the picturesque town of Siana. By following the signs, one can easily find private homes that sell locally made honeys and olive oils.

And to the east lies Laerma, which has the oldest monastery in Rhodes. The beaches to the south afford sublime wind surfing. It’s yet another fun activity when visiting Rhodes.

Those seeking to be pampered in Rhodes will find the Art Deco spa a nirvana of relaxation. This incredible establishment was built by Mussolini. He used the best from around the globe to create a palace of sheer luxury.

And of course there’s Rodos with its medieval wall separating the two sections of town. Walking around is the best way in which to enjoy the many sites and shops. Its collection of stores will astonish the most avid shopper. At the port area, visitors can enjoy the markets and cafes. Its iconic two columns stand in the place where Colossus of Rhodes once stood.

Rhodes is the jewel of the Greek Islands.

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