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Riga, Latvia

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Riga Attractions

In Riga, there’s never a shortage of things to do or see.  Riga is home to the largest Aqua Park in northern Europe and if you’re an adventure seeker, you can bungee jump in Gauja National Park or bobsleigh with the Latvian national team.  You’ll find their addiction to speed quite contagious.  But if you’re idea of a vacation is to be more relaxed, why not tee off at one of the top golf courses in the world or spend the day at a luxurious spa?  Riga attractions offer something for everyone.

Landmarks and Icons
While touring the Riga attractions you’ll come across the Freedom Monument.  It’s a beloved homage to the people who were deported to Siberia during the Soviet era.  The three stars in the hands of the maiden symbolize the three regions of the country. 

You’ll also come across the beautiful Great and Small Guild Halls.  These date back to the 14th century and were once the homes of merchants and artisans.  The largest of them has been well-maintained and it’s said to be the oldest public building in the Baltic area.  Today, visitors can listen to the philharmonic orchestra amidst its elegant surroundings.  It’s a must among Riga attractions.   

And of course you can’t miss the Old City Walls and Swedish Gate.  They’re the only remaining Riga attractions of the town’s fortification.  The latter was constructed in 1698 to commemorate the Scandinavian occupation.  The walls however were finished between the 13th and 16th centuries.

When you see the Riga Castle, you’ll think of fairy tales and dragons.  This magnificent structure boasts 14th century architecture.  It once served as the home of the Livonian Order who conquered the city.  Currently, it’s the home of the President of Latvia and a frequented Riga attraction among tourists. 

The House of Blackheads ranks high on the list of Riga attractions.  This important gothic gem belonged to the organization of single foreign businesspeople known as the Blackheads.  They were well connected and hosted prestigious events at their home.  Some of these celebrations included the presence of Russian tsars.  The estate was also graced by the presence of personalities like R. Wagner and F. List.

And if you want to see the biggest cathedral in the Baltic, don’t miss the Riga Dome.  Its completion spanned through several centuries.  Because of such its array of styles in design are absolutely magnificent.  These range from Romanesque to Baroque.  You’ll also want to make to time to view the organ.  It’s a collection of 6,768 pipes making it the fourth largest in the world and one of the unique Riga attractions.  Try to have your visit coincide with the music festivals. 

Riga attractions also feature interesting museums.  The biggest in the nation is the Ethnographic Open Air Museum.  It displays a wealth of structures including authentic dwellings, peasant homes and churches which represent life between the 16th and 19th centuries. 
During the summer, you’ll want to stay for the folk dance demonstrations. 


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