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Riga, Latvia

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Riga Dining

Riga is well known for its banquet style dining.  Visitors will also find that the city’s new contemporary feel is manifested in the large selection of top restaurants. 

A jewel in the crown when dining in Riga is Kalku Vart.  It’s modern and sophisticated, opulent and chic.  This French classic is among the best restaurants in Latvia and features superb signature entrees.  Among them are pork fillet and grilled seasonal fish marinated in herbs.  For starters, you might want to try the grilled tomato soup with truffle oil.  And to end a superb meal on a great note, why not make room for the delectable dark chocolate cake with rum sauce.

Another excellent choice for dining in Riga is What a Curry Result.  This Indian style establishment specializes on tandooris and masala dishes.  You can have a curry feast while enjoying a game of rugby on the plasma screen television.  But if you’re wondering what to order, you’ll be interested to know that among the well-liked options are the chicken tikka masala and the fish curry. 

When it comes to authentic Latvian fare, the Lido Restaurant is at the top of the list for dining in Riga.  The portions are incredibly enormous so bring your friends, your family and your appetite.  There’s great live entertainment and a fantastic variety of self-brewed honey beers.  This outstanding establishment is housed in the biggest wooden structure in Northern Europe.  Guests can choose among the different menus and dine on specialties like smoked mackerel, crab sticks, spinach rolls or Baltic herring for appetizers.  For a main course there’s roasted pork, veal in red wine sauce and pork fillet in mushroom gravy. 

And if you’re looking for trendy, the Fabrika Restaurant reigns supreme for dining in Riga.  It’s housed inside a brick loft that was once a plaster factory.  Tourists and locals enjoy the magnificent views of River Daugava and Old Town.  Live music and stylish décor add to the already excellent experience.  And when you try the food, you’ll realize why it’s won the acclaim of critics.  Don’t miss the turbot fillet or the wild boar prepared in cognac. 

It would be a shame to miss the Medieval Banquet for dining in Riga.  This dimly lit cellar houses the oldest wine vault and showcases incredible Latvian original recipes.  Among the popular ones are the pork pudding, pangasius fillet and pearl-barley porridge.    

Tip:  Make a mental note to try a side order of couscous.  It’s prepared with vegetables, nuts and grilled cheese.  It’s different from the traditional Moroccan version. 

Every recommended restaurant in this city boasts an exquisite atmosphere, but Gutenberg’s Gastronomie in the heart of Old Town is more than special.  The cuisine is authentic fusion of Baltic and Germanic flavors.  Check out the wine cabinet.  Aside from impressive, it’s sublime.  Dine on wild breast of duck, salmon fillet with Hollandaise sauce or pork chops with cheese sauce.  And while savoring the delectable fare, listen to the soft instrumental music in a candle lit ambience. 



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