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Riga, Latvia

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Riga Overview

If you’ve never considered Riga for a vacation, you should definitely consider it for your next trip.  Riga is the home of German Art Nouveau –a style that’s said to be unlike any other in the world.  But aside from the art scene, Riga boasts the best restaurants of Northern Europe, superb shopping and an array of activities not found elsewhere on the continent.  Riga is also an ideal spot for thrill seekers.  It’s the perfect choice for those who love to spend their vacations visiting interesting sites and learning about European history.  Riga is not just the capital of Latvia but also the largest and most amazing city in the Baltic region of Europe.   

Riga offers year-round activities for visitors to check out.  If you’re seeking cultural events, there’s definitely no shortage of opera or philharmonic orchestra performances in this city.  There are concerts and festivals that attract tourists from around the globe.  And in terms of museums, the list is impressive.  The Ethnographic Open Air Museum for instance allows out-of-towners a window into Riga’s life through the centuries.  But if you’re a car fanatic, the Motor Museum is a fun venue.  It showcases antique automobiles as well as vehicles owned by important personalities.   

Riga also has something for the adrenalin addict.  Tourists can enjoy bungee jumping at the Gauja National Park where they have a fifty meter high jump.  In Riga, there’s also excellent indoor carting so that you can pretend to be in the Grand Prix.  And if this is not fast enough, there’s Bobsleighing.  You can go at more than 100 km/hr accompanied by one of Latvia’s Bobsleigh Olympic team members.  To them this is slow!  But you’ll definitely get hooked on the rush.  In Riga, travelers not only get to break the law of speed but the law of gravity too.  At the Aerodium one can sit inside a wind tunnel and pretend to be free-flying.  It’s the first one of its kind in Europe.   

If all this is too much for you, Riga is known for having one of the top golf courses in the world.  Or you can opt for spending a relaxing day marveling in the scenery while camping and canoeing.  There are forests and sandstone cliffs waiting to be discovered. 

Riga is a surprising combination of the past and the present.  As you tour its historic center, you’ll agree it still retains an old world allure while offering modern advantages.

Riga has sometimes been referred to as “the Paris of the North” and that’s difficult to deny when you visit shopping arcades such as Bergs Bazaar.  But you’ll find Riga to be hip and trendy when you shop at establishments like Basteja Passage or Alfa Centers.  These large retail venues showcase top European labels as well as western designs.     

If you’re wondering what there’s to buy apart from haute couture, you’ll be happy to know that in the section of Old Riga, treasure collectors can purchase quality antiques.  There are also fabulous Art Nouveau items such as gargoyles, silks and ceramics. 

Riga is not just unique in its offerings; it’s a whole new world.



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