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Riga, Latvia

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Riga Shopping

Once Riga surpassed the Soviet era, it became an excellent destination for shoppers.  Riga features an astounding array of malls and hip boutiques.  You might have to pay more for western labels, but if you want to keep up with fashion, Riga shopping is sublime.  

Shopping Centers
As you get started with your Riga shopping, why not start with the Alfa Centers.  They’re a large complex featuring the usual European stores like H & M.  Visitors who can’t live without their iPod will find the Apple store quiet convenient.  You’ll also find that the men and women’s stores offer fabulous discounts for end of season items. 

A contender for the title of Latvia’s largest shopping mall is Domina.  It’s perhaps as big as Alfa and offers great Riga shopping.  It stands next to the Zemitans Bridge and showcases a dream of retailers.  There’s everything from European labels to a huge grocery store.  It’s the ideal place to buy a basket-full of picnic treats.  If you want to buy Art Noveau, several of the smaller shops stock items like gargoyles, ceramic dishes and plaster busts.  

If you don’t mind paying big bucks for a pair of chic sunglasses, make a beeline for Basteja Passage.  The plaza’s small collection of Parisian style boutiques represents quality and style.  Visitors can get familiar with the designs of Latvian couturiers or buy the renowned name brands like Prada and Gucci. 

Another lovely venue for Riga shopping is the Bergs Bazaar.  The long arcade was built by a 19th century architect and boasts up-market trendy retailers.  At night, it’s a beautifully lit center reminiscent of the chic French avenues. 

Amidst an array of converted zeppelin hangars, tourists will find the Central Market.  It’s a superb location to continue with your Riga shopping.  Every venue specializes on a particular product while the outside stalls sell everything from clothing to DVDs. 

Tip:  You might want to purchase black Balzam.  This strange looking liquid has been around since the 18th century and is widely used as a cure-it-all remedy.  It’s said to take care of a stomach ache as well as a hang-over.  Despite its “motor-oil appearance,” it boasts 24 herbs of healing power.   

Specialty Shops
If you want to shop where personalities like the Queen of Denmark does, head out to Tornis Gallery.  They carry a great selection of jewelry for Riga shopping.  You’ll want to take time to browse through the Baltic and Scandinavian replicas as well as the beautiful ambers and metal works.  Not everything is ultra-expensive so make time for a visit.  You’ll recognize the shop by the wooden horse in the front courtyard.

Music lovers will enjoy Riga shopping at Muzikas Pasaule.  The variety is beyond impressive.  And if you hear something you like at a local nightclub or disco, you can bet you’ll find it here.  They even stock a selection of old records.  So if you still have your record player, this is the place for Riga shopping. 



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