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Rio De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio De Janeiro Attractions

Once you visit Rio de Janeiro you’ll agree that words aren’t enough to describe its beautiful beaches and breathtaking forests. However, Rio de Janeiro attractions are more than landmarks and museums; they include all the most important aspects of culture, tradition and spirit.

Of the most beautiful landmarks and icons that grace the city is Christ the Redeemer, which stands on top of Corcovado Mountain. The statue can be seen from every point in the city and looks especially magnificent when lit in the evening.

The Arcos de Lapa is an important example of ancient architecture; these arches, dating to the 1700s, were built in order to move water from the Carioca River to Rio de Janeiro.

Another important icon, the National Library, in its beautiful colonial style, is the largest and most important libraries of Latin America, with over eight million volumes.

For a true taste of Brazil’s history, a visit to Casa Benjamin Constant is a must. This magnificent estate was built for the politicians who played a part in the founding of the Republic.

Continuing a journey through the country’s history, Campo Santana is the site where Brazil proclaimed its independence on September 7, 1822. It’s also a beautiful park where visitors can enjoy the lakes.

The city has never stood still. Its growth can be witnessed in Rio de Janeiro attractions like Arte Sesc Cultural Center, where visitors can enjoy exhibits representing its development throughout the 20th century.

Rio de Janeiro attractions boast a varied selection of museums and galleries. Casa do Pontal displays the largest collection of folk art, grouped into themes like music and religion. It’s said that the gardens were built to honor Saints, and you’ll certainly appreciate their beauty.

Among the most popular museums is the one dedicated to Carmen Miranda, once the highest paid singer and dancer of the 1940s. Ms. Miranda has left an indelible print in Brazil’s music.

Among the many museums, you’ll find those dedicated to modern, contemporary and what they call sacred art, earth sciences, folklore and history of the nation as well as of the region. There’s even a museum to honor the work of famed jeweler H. Stern, where you’ll find beautiful displays of rare minerals.

Churches and Cathedrals
Rio de Janeiro attractions include beautiful churches and cathedrals, which reflect the strong Christian background of the Country.

Among the most visited include Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Candelaria, built in the 16th century and once the largest in Imperial times.

The Metropolitan Cathedral, distinguished by its cone shape, houses the Museum of Sacred Art, displaying historical and religious artifacts.

Visitors will admit that Rio de Janeiro’s beaches, parks and forests are its best attribute. You won’t want to miss the Botanical Gardens where you can see beautiful water lilies originally from the Amazon.

And of course, a visit would not be complete without a cable car ride to Sugarloaf Mountain, which at first sight seems to rise from the sea.

You’ll enjoy everything Rio de Janeiro has to offer.
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