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Rio De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio De Janeiro Dining

Rio de Janeiro boasts a nice selection of restaurants for visitors to enjoy; these include venues offering quality international gastronomy as well as cuisine from many regions of the Country. Brazilian food varies from one region to another –a direct result of the many periods of history and people who influenced Brazil’s development. You’ll find African, Amerindian, Portuguese and Spanish influences in its flavors. Dining in Rio de Janeiro offers a truly delightful and delicious experience.

Most restaurants in the city offer great food at inexpensive or moderate prices. Finding affordable eateries is not a problem.
Eateries that offer flavors from Minas Gerais include great dishes made from corn, pork, beans and chicken. Food from the Rio de Janeiro area itself is known for black beans and rice while other regions go for the traditional brown and red beans. Feijoadas are popular stews prepared with beef and beans; its roots date to when the African slaves worked in the plantations. Another popular dish that comes from the Amazon region is duck, prepared in tucupi, a yellow colored broth that comes from cassava and cooked for one entire week. It’s worth trying the different types of food.

Dining in Rio de Janeiro also offers elegance and romance while keeping prices moderate. A great example of this is the Atrium, a favorite of local business people. A popular dish includes lamb, prepared in a delightful rosemary seasoning, accompanied by risotto.

Azul Marinho is another example of elegance and great food. Its outdoor tables are placed in front of the ocean, and visitors can dine on the freshest seafood. Enjoy a traditional dish, an entire fish, seasoned in salt and baked in the oven.

Bazzar is a beautifully designed restaurant, serving a variety of traditional dishes like rice, seasoned with citrus, and lamb dishes prepared in creative ways.

Arataca is an unusual place, serving exotic dishes from the Amazon region. These include fish from local rivers, prepared with herbs and seasonings only found in Brazil. Some of these dishes are made in coconut oil, thick sauces and lots of garlic. A favorite among locals is the duck, roasted and seasoned with garlic.

Barreado is truly among the favorite of visitors and locals. Decorated in a rustic style, it serves dishes that are prepared in ovens of burning wood. Instead of plates, the chef serves each meal in a pumpkin; menu specials include lobster with mango, shrimp with ripened cheeses, and tender meats.

Tip: Do not miss the array of cakes, whether its chocolate cake filled with a coconut and milk cream or banana cake with cinnamon icing. You’ll love the selection.

Bar do Mineiro, more than just a bar, is a great place to enjoy dishes from the region of Minas Gerais, such as Carne Seca, something like skirt steak. The Caipirinhas are not to be missed; though strong, they’re quite tasty.

Dining in Rio de Janeiro offers visitors a close look into Brazil’s history and tradition.

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