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Riviera Maya, Mexico

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Riviera Maya Dining

Visitors will find that the restaurants in Riviera Maya are as good as other places in the Caribbean.  With the influx of tourism, dining in Riviera Maya has become part of the allure.

Great Vistas
Anywhere you dine in Riviera Maya you get to experience the scenic panoramas.  But at Que Fresco, tourists enjoy the sunsets while they dine.  The food is just as amazing with specialties like shrimp grilled on a wood fire.  Seafood is seasoned with a red spicy sauce (Achiote) that’s similar in taste to curries.  While you wait for your table you can admire the collection of jewelry and handicrafts showcased at the entrance.  And yes, there will be a wait to be seated as locals and travelers alike have heard that this is one of the best spots for dining in Riviera Maya.   

And speaking of crowded places, La Cueva del Pecador attracts its share of visitors.  It’s not surprising given the quality of cuisine.  The owner is a fisherman so everything he catches in the morning is featured in the evening menu.  His catch includes grouper, snapper, conch, crab and other shellfish.  The conch fritters are the best on the coast. 

Another favorite haunt serving sublime food is the Requiem for Papaya Republic.  It’s located on Puerto Aventura’s aromatic mangroves.  Don’t let the rustic décor fool you.  They serve top gourmet specialties.  Among the signature entrees are the clam chowder and jumbo shrimp.  

Mezzanine in Tulum offers more of what Riviera Maya eateries are famous for.  It has some of the best vistas of the water.  Start off with a relaxing smoothie, savor an appetizer or two and wait for the sun to set.  Afterward, dine on fabulous spicy beef or grilled fish.  Don’t miss the all night live entertainment. 

International Flavors
Home made pastas and delectable seafood ceviches keep the locals raving about Que Onda.  You’ll think you’re in Italy with the way in which the chef prepares his antipasti and calamari.  He’s definitely generous with the portions and the desserts. 

Tip:  You can’t leave without trying the Tiramisu.  It’s flavored with the best liqueurs and you’ll definitely not want to drive after sampling one. 

If you’re craving the tastes of sushis and sashimis, tempuras and teriyakis, then Arigato is the ideal place to go.  This authentic Japanese Restaurant has everything you’d want for an evening of fine dining in Riviera Maya.  It offers great ambience, excellent food and outstanding service. 

But if you’re looking for a quick and simple meal, Pizza Leos is the perfect spot.  Everything is well priced and tastes great.  From the pizzas to the lasagnas you’ll enjoy every dish.

Local Specialties
Lol-Ha has won a reputation for best food for dining in Riviera Maya.  The prices are reasonable too.  Every dish is well thought out.  You won’t want to miss the shrimp with bacon, chicken flavored with tropical fruits, or shellfish flambéed with liqueur.  Friday nights feature a limitless buffet as well as music from all regions of the country. 



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